Betr Sportsbook Testing The Limits Of Probability With New Ohio Promotion

Written By Danny Cross on January 20, 2023
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Betr Sportsbook has released a new promotion leading up to Super Bowl LVII: $1 million to the first Ohio user who hits 30 qualifying micro-bets in a row.

If no one hits 30 in a row, a $50,000 prize will go to whoever goes on the longest winning streak. That’s important since the odds of hitting 30 straight bets are astronomical.

Ohio sports betting kicked off on Jan. 1, and Ohio sportsbooks continue to go after new customers with sign-up deals and promotions. Betr has followed suit, offering $100 in bet credits during a “soft launch” in Ohio before releasing this promo leading up to the Super Bowl.

Hitting 30 micro-bets in a row literally has odds pushing 1 in a billion

Betr’s micro-betting platform allows users to bet on the next play, pitch or other outcome in any given game. There are no pregame point spreads or player props. The app is all live betting, all the time.

That makes many of its available bets a choice of more than two outcomes. For instance, betting on the outcome of an NFL team’s upcoming drive will offer the following options:

  • Touchdown
  • Field goal
  • Punt
  • Turnover

Payouts typically range from around 1.5 times the initial bet to over 10 times the bet. For basketball, you can only bet on a team’s “next possession,” meaning there’s no live betting on a current possession while a team is passing the ball around or a shot clock is dwindling.

During Thursday’s NBA matchup between the Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls, bettors saw the following odds under the “possession result” tab for the Pistons: 2-pointer (3.10x payout), 3-pointer (6.32x)free throws (10.82x), turnover (5.49x), or missed field goal (2.47x). The other team option at the time, under “next possession,” was: score (1.74x) or no score (1.91x). There are also options to bet on individual player outcomes.

To qualify for the 30-bet streak, a bet must be for at least $5 and on an outcome that pays at least 1.8x. That means the “Pistons to score on the next possession” at 1.74x listed above would not count. Importantly, such a bet would not count against one’s streak, so bettors can mix those in — win or lose – without affecting their streak.

Betr Ohio Sports Betting

It’s easy to see how hitting 30 qualifying bets in a row would be difficult, if not impossible. For example, the odds of winning a coin flip 30 times in a row — similar to a “score” or “no score” outcome — are 1 in 1,073,741,824.

That’s more than 1 in a billion. And bettors would have to stake at least $150 across the 30 bets to even have a chance.

Lottery odds, payouts better than Betr promotion

For comparison, the odds of winning any given Mega Millions drawing are just over 1 in 300 million. Those jackpots start at $20 million and often climb to over $1 billion. Those tickets cost $3, including the all-important $1 Megaplier.

Fortunately, Betr is keeping track of the longest streaks and will award $50,000 to the single longest streak of real money bets in Ohio. The app also offers users the option of free-to-play microbetting and will award $10,000 for the user with the longest free-to-play winning streak.

The Betr app and social media platforms include a daily leaderboard showing the longest current winning streaks leading up to Super Bowl LVII.

Betr is unique among Ohio sportsbook options

Founded by sports betting industry veteran Joey Levy and Ohio YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul, Betr Sportsbook Ohio is a fairly unique option among sportsbooks.

Levy is the co-founder of Simplebet, a tech company that pioneered micro-betting. Several other sportsbooks utilize Simplebet’s technology to update live odds like point spreads, player props and other common “live-betting” options.

Betr Sportsbook leaves the game lines and props for the bigger books, focusing instead on the play-to-play action.

“I couldn’t be happier that my home state of Ohio is the first to receive access to Betr’s real money gaming product,” Paul said in a statement. “People are going to love watching and rooting for bets tied directly to their favorite players, whether it’s a Donovan Mitchell 3-pointer, a Ja’Marr Chase 50-yard bomb, or a Jose Ramirez home run. Betr makes every game more fun by adding these stakes throughout.”

Paul released a YouTube video explaining the promotion and future plans for Betr:

Betr partnered with Hall of Fame Village in Canton to bring the app to market, and it was licensed for a Jan. 1 launch. The sportsbook opened with a “soft launch” period, offering the first 10,000 users $100 in bonus bets to use while the company tested its technology.

Betr is now allowing deposits and withdrawals on the platform.

“We are thrilled to launch our real money betting business at Betr in Ohio,” Levy said in a statement. “This launch marks the beginning of our gradual, methodical approach to state-by-state expansion where we will take the time necessary to discover and validate product-market-fit of our highly differentiated product experience to ensure we scale in a profitable manner.”

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