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Disclaimer: DraftKings Sportsbook is not yet online in Ohio. This review is speculative based on DraftKings product in other states and will be updated when it goes live in Ohio.

With the legalization of online sportsbooks in Ohio, you’ll soon have the chance to give DraftKings Sportsbook a try. Launch is set for Jan. 1, 2023. When you create an account, DraftKings will match your first deposit for as much as $1,000 and also provide a $50 free bet. You do not need a DraftKings promo code in Ohio to receive this offer.

You can sign up and bet remotely from anywhere in Ohio using the DraftKings app or the website. DraftKings has numerous options for depositing money into your account and for cashing out, too.

This page will go over that and more, including the wagers you can place and the teams/sports you can bet on. Additionally, we’ll cover how DraftKings sportsbook promotions and rewards club work.

Why Choose DraftKings Sportsbook in Ohio?
  • $50 free just for joining and making a deposit.
  • 20% first deposit bonus up to $1,000
  • Plenty of sports markets available to bet on
  • Trusted US brand with US sports betting focus
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When will DraftKings Sportsbook come online in Ohio?

DraftKings Sportsbook will not be legal in Ohio until January 1, 2023, but will be live on that date. The Ohio House Bill 29 cleared both legislative chambers and was signed into law shortly thereafter, on December 22, 2021.

Between now and then, Draftkings has to prepare to launch in the state. It will be required to comply with the regulations that are being drawn up. There is no reason to think DraftKings will fail this task. That’s because DraftKings is one of the largest online sportsbooks in the US and has gone through numerous state launches previously.

We will continue to update this page and we learn more about DraftKings Sportsbook’s Ohio launch.

Does DraftKings Ohio have a sign-up bonus?

When you sign up and make a deposit at DraftKings sportsbook Ohio, that first deposit is matched at a 20% clip for a maximum of $1,000 in bonus funds. Also when you make that first deposit, you’ll receive a $50 free bet.

A promo code for first-time users is not required to claim these welcome bonuses.

Ohio SportsbookDraftKings Sportsbook Ohio
DraftKings Promo Code OhioClick to claim promo
Sign-up Bonus20% match deposit bonus up to $1,000
Free Bet Bonus$50
Online Since2021 in Ohio
Last UpdatedSeptember 2022

How to claim the DraftKings sign-up bonuses for Ohio

DraftKings’ matching deposit bonus is the larger of the two offers. Let’s walk through how it works.

Again, no DraftKings bonus code is required. This offer will automatically be applied when you make your first deposit. You receive DraftKings bonus money totalling 20% of that initial deposit. To receive the maximum available amount of $1,000, you would need to make a deposit of $5,000 or more. But of course you do not need to deposit that amount. Choose the right amount for your situation, and collect your 20% extra.

Unlocking the bonus funds comes in stages. For every $25 in qualifying wagers you make at the DraftKings online sportsbook, $1 in bonus funds is released to your account. There is a condition — the bets must have odds of -300 or greater.

You have 90 days to clear your DraftKings bonus funds before they expire, so that may impact the amount you decide to deposit as well. Although if you don’t clear the entire amount, you still keep whatever you’ve cleared so far at the 90-day mark. it’s not an all or nothing situation!

Using DraftKings Sportsbook bonus money

The good news is that the bonus money works similar to cash at DraftKings. While you can’t withdraw it, you can wager it how you choose. And you can withdraw any money you win using bonus funds immediately.

$50 free bet at DraftKings

This is the other bonus you’ll receive when you make a first deposit at DraftKings Sportsbook. You can check that you have received your free bet after your first deposit by clicking “Promos” and then choosing “My Rewards.”

To place a free bet on DraftKings Sportsbook, you first need to select a bet and then open your bet slip. The free bet option will appear on your slip below the bet itself. Simply check the free bet box and place the wager.

Note that you receive only the prize money from wagers that you place with free bets, not the listed value of the free bet. For instance, a $50 free bet with odds of +200 that is successful would result in $100 hitting your account (not $150, which you would expect if you had made the $50 bet with cash — $100 in winnings plus the return of your $50 stake).

Are the DraftKings welcome bonuses good?

Yes, they are strong overall. The deposit match funds requiring a 25x playthrough rate and only matching your deposit 20% are average. As for the $50 free bet, there’s nothing not to like. So combined, it’s an attractive way to get started at DraftKings sportsbook Ohio.

Is DraftKings sportsbook legit?

Yes, DraftKings is a trustworthy sportsbook. Not only is it licensed in Ohio, it also operates in at least 11 other states, and the DFS site is even more widely available. Therefore, DraftKings has a proven history as a reputable organization.

Sports wagering rules in Ohio

To bet at DraftKings Sportsbook in Ohio you’ll need to be of legal betting age and be in the state when placing any bets. The sportsbook will check your identity and age when you sign up, and it will check your location whenever you use the app or website. If you’re not in Ohio, or another state where the DraftKings Sportsbook is legal, you won’t be able to wager.

Signing up at DraftKings Ohio

To create an account at DraftKings, head to the sportsbook website and click the sign-up button. If you already are a member of the DFS site, you will be able to select “Log In” to register with that account. Otherwise you will enter the following information:

  • Name
  • Home address
  • Email
  • Cellphone
  • Birthdate
  • Social Security number (last four digits)

You also will create a username and password and confirm that you are of legal betting age. Sometimes DraftKings is unable to confirm your identity. If that happens, you must submit a photo ID, such as a driver’s license.

The DraftKings sportsbook app

The DraftKings sports betting app is available for free on Android and iOS devices. To download it, head to the sportsbook’s mobile website and select either the “Get it on Google Play” option or “Download on the App Store.” Once it’s downloaded, you’ll be able to use it to start betting.

DraftKings promotions

While some promotions at DraftKings appear in the scrolling marquee at the top of the app and website, you’ll want to click the “Promos” link to make sure you are seeing all of them.

You’ll find an assortment of DraftKings promos. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Insurance offers: Receive your money back (as a free bet) if your bet loses and you meet certain conditions. For instance, if you bet on a player to score the first basket of an NBA game, you’ll get your money back if he scores the second or third basket.
  • Boosts: For odds boosts, DraftKings takes a specific bet and increases the odds. For profit boosts, DraftKings allows you to choose the wager, and your profits will increase by anywhere from 10% up to 200%.
  • No-brainers: You’ll see offers from time to time on bets that are all but guaranteed to win. The amount you can wager — and win — is usually capped at around $10 to $25.

DraftKings loyalty club

For each dollar you wager at the sportsbook and DFS site, you will receive Crowns. You can redeem 550 Crowns for $1 in DraftKings dollars that you can wager just like regular money.

Additionally, when you visit the DraftKings promotions page, you’ll see a section labeled “Missions.” You can complete missions for rewards. For instance: “Place a $75 bet on three consecutive days and earn a $15 free bet.” You’ll have a deadline for when you need to opt in to the promotion and for when you need to complete the mission by.

Best things about the DraftKings Sportsbook app

Here are some of our favorite features of DraftKings sports betting:

  • Rewards and promotions to spare: Between the regular promotions and the ability to accrue DK dollars with every bet you place, DraftKings offers a variety of benefits. The only sportsbook that we think compares in terms of promotions is FanDuel.
  • Stats and DK Nation: If you plan on doing any research before betting, DraftKings has you covered with its stats hub and DK Nation, which offers both sports betting and DFS advice. You also can click on the stats bar for individual games and see how each team has been performing.
  • Pools and daily fantasy offerings: If you’re not familiar with pools, think of them as a combo sports betting-DFS offering. You answer a series of questions for games, and then the top scorers receive winnings just like you would with a DFS contest. DraftKings even has free pools where you can win real money, and finishing in the money isn’t an impossible endeavor.

Ways the DraftKings app could improve

While we don’t believe any of these are big enough drawbacks to prevent you from joining DraftKings Ohio, they still are areas that could do with improving:

  • Lack of withdrawal choices: Right now you can cash out from DraftKings using PayPal or you can receive a check in the mail. Obviously if you have a PayPal account this should be sufficient, but for anyone else, the lack of more choices definitely is a bit of a letdown. The last thing you want to do after a big win is wait a week or more for a check to come in the mail.
  • Still no single-game parlays: Three of DraftKings’ biggest rivals (FanDuel, PointsBet Sportsbook, and BetMGM) allow you to place single-game parlays. Unfortunately, DraftKings still does not offer SGPs. It really is the only major bet that the sportsbook lacks.
  • Somewhat glitchy app: As great as the DraftKings app and website are most of the time, there still are instances where it can be annoying. The biggest issues tend to be not being able to opt in to promos and not being able to use promos via your bet slip. Most of the time, it just requires re-adding a bet to your slip or clicking on a promotion multiple times. It still can be a hassle, though.

Betting markets at DraftKings

Your options at DraftKings online sportsbook include moneyline and spread bets, totals and props, futures, parlays and other types of multi-wagers. Here is what a game listing looks like at DraftKings, followed by an explanation of the various bets.

 Run LineTotal RunsMoneyline
Cincinnati Reds+1.5 (-143)Over 7.5 (-115)+160
Cleveland Indians-1.5 (+113)Under 7.5 (-106)-190

How moneyline odds work

Moneyline betting odds tell you how much money you’ll win if your bet is correct.

Positive odds signify how much you’d win for a correct $100 bet. So, if you place a $100 moneyline bet on the Reds, you stand to win $160. Negative odds, meanwhile, show how much you must risk for a chance to win back $100. A $190 bet on the Indians, then, would pay out $100.

Run line betting for baseball

The run line is baseball’s version of the point spread that you’ll see in basketball or football. Cleveland’s run line is -1.5. Think of this as subtracting 1.5 from its total score when the game ends. If the Indians are still leading after this deduction, your bet on them wins. As you might expect, Cincinnati’s run line of +1.5 means add 1.5 to that side at the end of the game. If the Reds are leading after the addition, you win.

What are totals?

Totals are wagers on the total combined score of both teams. In this case, the number is 7.5, so you can bet over or under that number. For a final score of 4-3, for instance, under wagers would win.

How does prop betting work?

Prop bets are wagers on whether a certain event will take place in a game. For the game above, for example, you could bet whether Jesse Winker will hit a home run or whether Luis Castillo will have over or under 5.5 strikeouts or which team will be the first team to score five runs. The prop betting options at DraftKings are some of the most abundant you’ll come across at any Ohio sportsbook.

Placing futures bets

While all bets are on something that hasn’t happened yet, futures bets refer to wagers on more long-term events. Betting on teams to win championships is a common option. DraftKings online sportsbook also has futures for players to win awards, lead their leagues in various statistical categories, when they’ll be drafted, and much more.

Parlays and other multi-bets

In addition to parlay sports bets, you’ll also find teasers and round robins at DraftKings. These wagers allow you to group individual wagers together for larger potential payouts. For example, suppose you want to bet on the Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers all to cover the spread in their games.

For a parlay, you would join those bets together. If each had odds of around -110 individually, a $10 bet will end up winning you in the neighborhood of $140. However, you only win if each of your individual picks is correct. With a teaser, you could move the line for each of the games in your favor, say by six points. This makes it more likely that you win, but your potential payout is much less. And round robins group the wagers in such a way that you can still win some money even if you miss a pick.

Live betting options at DraftKings

With live betting, also called in game betting, you can wager on games that have already started. Most of the same betting choices are available for live betting, but at DraftKings you have many more options, as well. For example, during a baseball game you could wager on what the result of the next pitch will be or whether the batter will get a hit. Keep in mind that the live betting odds will rapidly change to reflect what is happening on the field.

Betting on the Columbus Crew and FC Cincinnati at DraftKings

You can wager on both the Columbus Crew and FC Cincinnati, plus find MLS odds for other soccer teams at DraftKings. Soccer betting is moderately different from other sports betting, though, so here are some additional wagers you’ll run across:

  • Three-way moneylines: Since soccer games can end in draws, it makes sense that you can bet on that happening, as well as either Team A or Team B winning. Be aware that for games that go to extra time or a shootout, 90-minute three-way moneyline bets still pay based on what the score was at the end of regulation.
  • Goal scorers: You also can bet on things like which player will score the game’s first or last goal, as well as betting on a specific player to score at any time in the game.
  • Correct score: Place a bet on the exact score of the game.
  • Corners: DraftKings also offers plenty of corners markets. You can wager on the team that will have more corner kicks, how many total corners there will be and even whether there will be a corner kick within a game’s first 10 minutes. Learn more about corner betting.

Banking at DraftKings

DraftKings has plenty of choices for depositing money into your account, but as we mentioned in the “What won’t I like about DraftKings Sportsbook app?” Section your options for withdrawing money are very slim.


With the exception of wire transfers, which can take a day or two and have a $100 minimum, the DraftKings deposit methods are near instant and have a minimum of $5. Here’s a list of your options:

  • Credit/debit card
  • PayPal
  • ACH (e-check)
  • Online Bank Transfer
  • Wire Transfer
  • DraftKings Play+ Prepaid Debit Card
  • DraftKings Gift Card


More options may become available, but for now here are your best withdrawal options from DraftKings sportsbook Ohio:

  • Check by mail — minimum of $15, takes 7-14 days
  • PayPal — minimum of $1, takes 3-5 days

DraftKings customer support

If you have a question, start by making sure you’re logged into your account. Next, click on your account and choose “Contact Us.” You now will be able to fill out a form detailing your problem and you’ll then await an email.

To the right of the form is a small link that you can click to ask for a call back from a customer service representative. You also have the option of emailing DraftKings at [email protected] or messaging the DraftKings help desk on Twitter at @DK_Assist.

In addition to those choices, a final alternative is scrolling to the bottom of the page, clicking the FAQ and seeking a solution on your own.

DraftKings Ohio self-exclusion

If you want to set up restrictions or close your DraftKings Sportsbook account entirely, you can do so by clicking the “Responsible Gaming” link at the bottom of the page.

The page will provide information about responsible gambling practices and where to turn for help with a gambling addiction. Further down on the page are links for deposit limits, wagering limits and time limits.

Keep scrolling and you’ll see a self-exclusion form that you can fill out and send to DraftKings to shut your sportsbook account down. You can select a period of three, five or 10 years or forever. After submitting the form, there is no going back.

Can I bet at DraftKings Ohio Sportsbook in person?

DraftKings does not have a retail sportsbook in Ohio, so currently you cannot bet at DraftKings in person in the Buckeye State. With the DraftKings app, though, any location with internet access can work as a sportsbook.

DraftKings vs other Ohio sportsbooks

There is no question that DraftKings is one of the premier online sportsbooks in Ohio. It’s a back-and-forth race between the DraftKings app and FanDuel app, with the best option for you likely depending on personal preference.

DraftKings Ohio FAQ

There is no DraftKings promo code for Ohio, but all new users get a 20% match up to $1,000 in bonus funds, plus a $50 free bet, when they make their first deposit.

The fastest way to withdraw money from DraftKings is by using PayPal. You can withdraw as little as $1, and while withdrawal requests can take up to five days, they usually go much faster than that.

That’s still up in the air. Some states permit betting on in-state college teams, while other states prohibit the practice. Ohio lawmakers have yet to decide if in-state college sports betting will be legal.

To a limited extent, yes. DraftKings has one app that you can use to place bets from any states where the sportsbook is legal. So if you’re in Iowa, New Jersey, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, West Virginia, Illinois, Tennessee, Colorado, Virginia or Michigan you can bet with DraftKings.

Yes, to register with DraftKings Sportsbook using your DraftKings DFS account, you’ll see an option for logging in with your daily fantasy account.

Yes, some bets are eligible for early cash-out. If a bet is eligible, you’ll see “CASH OUT” listed between the wager and payout sections on your bet slip. You must be within Ohio state lines to cash out early, however.