Jackpot.com Ohio Lottery App Review & Welcome Bonus

Jackpot.com is now available in Ohio! Using the Jackpot.com website or app, you can purchase official Ohio Lottery tickets online. You can use Jackpot.com to track your numbers, too. It’s all safe and secure with great player protections in place.

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Jackpot.com is called a courier service. Essentially, this means the company allows you to purchase tickets online, and you’ll receive a scan of your ticket. Jackpot.com saves you that trip to the grocery store or gas station.

Now, let’s break down all this operator has to offer in further detail.

Reasons to choose Jackpot.com OH lottery app

  • Play lottery games on your phone
  • $2 credit for new users
  • Solid array of payment options
  • Email notifications when you win

Jackpot.com promotions

When you sign up for a Jackpot.com account in Ohio, you get a $2 credit instantly.  You can use his credit to buy any type of lottery ticket you would like. Powerball and Mega Millions tickets are $2 each. So in essence, you get a free lottery ticket when you sign up at Jackpot OH.  No bonus code is needed to claim this deal.

Jackpot.com platform overview

You can access Jackpot.com through a web browser or via the mobile app. The app is available in the iOS App Store for Apple devices. Android users will need to download the app via Jackpot.com’s website as it is currently unavailable in the Google Play Store.

Jackpot.com is available in Ohio now, in addition to Texas, where it first launched. You will not be able to buy lottery tickets unless you are in one of those states.

Jackpot.com lottery games

You can play both Mega Millions and Powerball using Jackpot.com. In Ohio, you can also play Lucky for Life and Rolling Cash 5. When you buy a ticket using the app or website, you will get a scan of your printed ticket. Other games will likely become available on Jackpot.com as it gains a foothold in Ohio.

Jackpot.com payments and withdrawals

There are three approved payment methods at Jackpot.com in Ohio, with another on the way. Currently, you can use the following methods to buy tickets:

  • Debit cards (Visa, Mastercard and Discover)
  • VIP Preferred eCheck (ACH)
  • Skrill

Furthermore, the Jackpot.com help center says PayPal deposits will be “available soon.”

Once PayPal is available, we recommend using it. The method is fast and secure, making it easy to purchase lottery tickets online in Ohio.

One thing to note about depositing money at Jackpot Ohio: the platform does charge a 15% convenience fee on all deposits.

When you win $599 or less at Jackpot.com, your winnings will be placed into your account. From there, you can withdraw them into your bank account or use the funds to buy other tickets.

If you’re lucky enough to win $600 or more, Jackpot.com will send the winning ticket directly to you, and you can redeem it at a lottery vendor.

Jackpot.com does not charge any fees to send you your winnings.

Jackpot.com customer service

Jackpot.com has a “Submit a Request” form you can use to log any issues. You’ll need to provide your email address, a message detailing your request, and attachments showing your issue (if applicable).

A member of Jackpot.com’s support team will be in touch “as soon as possible,” according to the website. Twenty-four hours is the estimated response window. You can also email [email protected] directly as an alternative option.

Some questions may already be answered in Jackpot.com’s help center. You can search for common terms or click through to specific help categories such as Purchasing Tickets, Withdrawals, or Technical Issues.

Tips and tricks for getting started with Jackpot.com in Ohio

Once you sign up for Jackpot.com, you can do a few things to streamline your experience.

  • Download the app: First and foremost, get the app if you haven’t yet. The Jackpot.com app makes it much easier to buy lottery tickets on the go. Apple users can snag the app from the iOS App Store. Android users can download it directly from a mobile browser and install it that way.
  • Safe sender list: Jackpot.com notifies you of wins using automated email messages. To ensure you always receive these emails, you should add Jackpot.com to your safe sender list. This way, none of the site’s messages will go to your spam folder or otherwise get blocked. Obviously, you don’t want to miss notifications regarding your wins.
  • Connect your preferred payment method: Choose a payment method and stick with it! You can always switch, but it’s easier to use one payment method so you aren’t constantly required to input new details. We recommend PayPal as soon as it’s available on Jackpot.com.

Is Jackpot.com the same as Jackpocket?

No, Jackpocket is a similar service and a direct competitor of Jackpot.com. Both services allow you to purchase online lottery tickets and redeem your winnings, but they are offered by two different providers.

Jackpot.com overview

Overall, Jackpot.com is an excellent way to amp up your Ohio lottery game. It’s a great tool for expediting your ticket purchasing and tracking your numbers. The automated email notifications for winners are a nice feature. Plus, generally, it’s preferable to avoid a trip to the grocery store or gas station just to buy a lottery ticket.

Jackpot.com FAQ

What’s the difference between Jackpot.com and Jackpocket?

Jackpot.com and Jackpocket are two different entities. Each one allows the purchase of lottery tickets online, but they are not related.

Is Jackpot.com safe to use?

Yes, Jackpot.com has many player protections in place that make it safe to use.

How do I withdraw money from Jackpot.com OH?

It depends on how much you win. Any winnings of $599 and under will be put right into your Jackpot.com account, and you can transfer those funds to your bank account or use them to buy more tickets.

Wins $600 or above are different. You’ll be sent the winning ticket, and you then must claim the winnings on your own.

Does Jackpot.com have an app?

Yes, Jackpot.com has an app in the iOS App Store. Android users will need to download the app manually to install it.

Where is Jackpot.com available?

Jackpot.com is currently available in Ohio and Texas.