Ohio Sports Betting Promos

Online sports betting is expected in Ohio, but not live as of yet. This page will be updated with the latest news, odds and promos once Ohio sportsbooks are live. 

Some of the best sportsbook bonuses and promotions are available when you first create your account at any sportsbook.

If you’re looking for the best sportsbook promotions in Ohio to jump-start your sports betting bankroll, you’re in the right place. Below we’ll cover all the top sportsbook bonuses in the state.

Best online sportsbook bonuses in Ohio 2022

Here are some of the most common types of bonuses you’re likely to run across, along with a top sportsbook for each:

Free bets

The size of the free bet that you receive will usually depend on the promotion that the sportsbook is running. For example, some sportsbooks offer risk-free bets. So if the first bet you place at the book loses, you receive a matching free bet or bets — up to a specified maximum — that you can use to wager at the sportsbook. These free sports bets will generally be eligible for you to use on any type of wager. Sometimes, though, sportsbooks may give you a free bet that you can use only on a specific game.

Usually, if you win a wager that you placed with a free bet, you receive your winnings but not the free bet as part of your return. This makes sense as it’s the sportsbooks that are putting up the money for the bet anyway.

  • Best sportsbook for free bets: Caesars Ohio. Caesars offers a free bet of up to $1,500 when you create an account. The amount you receive matches your first wager on the site. Crucially, you receive this free bet regardless of whether your first wager wins or loses. This sets Caesars apart from sportsbooks that offer a risk-free bet that only provides a bonus if your first bet loses.

First deposit bonuses

Some books will match the first deposit that you make into your account. The percentage and total amount that the sportsbook will match can vary, depending on the sportsbook and the timing.

Once you receive the matching bonus funds, you will need to wager them a set number of times — aka a playthrough requirement — before being able to withdraw them. That is, if anything remains.

Best sportsbook for deposit bonuses: BetRivers Ohio. While other sportsbooks may offer a larger maximum matching amount than BetRivers’ $250, the BetRivers first deposit bonus carries only a 1x playthrough requirement, meaning you are much more likely to actually end up with some of the bonus funds. 

Odds boosts

Sportsbooks will choose a certain number of bets and then increase the odds above the norm. This can give you an advantage because the implied probability of the odds may be greater than the actual probability.

Keep in mind, though, that odds boosts only pay off if your bet wins. A bet that you’re unlikely to win without an odds boost remains a bet that you’re unlikely to win even if you add an odds boost.

To protect themselves, sportsbooks will often apply a maximum bet to boosted odds. This means that you will not be able to exploit most boosts too much. However, any advantage is a plus if it’s a bet you were planning to place anyway.

Best sportsbook for odds boosts: DraftKings Sportsbook in Ohio. DraftKings offers an array of odds boosts, and it promotes them heavily.

Special event bonuses

Sportsbooks may offer special bonuses for big games, unique matches or just highly publicized events. The playoffs or finals of any sports league could apply here. For example, you might receive a free bet on the Super Bowl if you wager a certain amount of money.

Best sportsbook for special events: BetMGM Sportsbook Ohio. BetMGM does a great job of offering bonuses for big games and events in a variety of sports. If you’re going to bet on these games, why not look for some deals?

Daily and weekly sportsbook promos

If you’re looking for a promotion that you can return to many times, finding a sportsbook that does daily or weekly promos is what you want. This can mean themed promotions for specific days of the week or a themed promotion for an entire week. These usually are around holidays such as Christmas when many sportsbooks will release a schedule of daily promotions, though they can be available at other times, as well.

These can be a great way to build momentum by claiming promotions on consecutive days. Once again, it depends on the specific sportsbook as to what the exact promotions will be. Most sportsbooks will mix it up so that people can find a betting promotion that they enjoy.

Best sportsbook for daily and weekly promos: BetMGM. BetMGM puts a lot of effort into making sure that it has some regular betting offers.

Parlay insurance

Many bettors like parlays because of the huge potential payouts. However, given the difficulty of actually winning one, parlay insurance is becoming a popular option at sportsbooks. The way it works is that you can receive some bonus funds or free bets back if your bet comes close to winning. For example, make a parlay with enough legs, and if it misses by just one leg, FanDuel will ensure that you don’t walk away empty-handed.

Parlay insurance is usually something that requires you to opt in. There will be conditions, as well. For example, the parlay must have a minimum number of legs. In addition, sometimes you will need to have bet on a certain number of different sports or all the same sport for the insurance to apply.

Best sportsbook for parlay insurance: FanDuel Ohio. As mentioned above, FanDuel often offers some form of parlay insurance, some for regular parlays and some for same-game parlays.

Sportsbook bonus codes

When signing up at an online sportsbook, you are often asked for a bonus or promo code. These codes allow you to get credited with the bonus when you create your new account. Not all online sportsbooks require a bonus or promo code to get the bonus, so be sure to read the fine print before you sign up.

What makes a good sportsbook bonus?

When discussing sports betting bonuses, it’s important to be able to compare them. However, it can be difficult to compare sports betting offers of different types to one another. It can be best to focus on a few different factors that are always important, no matter the bonus type.

The first and most important factor for many is the size of the bonus. The sheer dollar amount of how much you could gain often looms large for many bettors. It can be as or more important, though, to pay attention to other factors, as well.

For instance, the conditions that come with the bonus can be a big deal. For example, many promotions will require you to wager an amount equal to the bonus a set number of times, aka a playthrough requirement. A large playthrough requirement makes even a hefty betting bonus much less attractive.

There are other factors to consider, as well. The reputation of a sportsbook is something that may come into play. However, legal online sports betting in Ohio means that sportsbooks that receive approval to operate in the state should be trustworthy. And finally, some bettors may enjoy one type of bonus more than others. Thus, they may go chasing their favorite type of promotion.

Registering at multiple sportsbooks

One way to benefit from the various promotions is to create an account at multiple sportsbooks. Along with gaining access to more promos, you can compare the odds and lines for any bets you want to place to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

While most of the best sportsbook bonuses are for when you sign up, it’s important to keep those accounts open and active so that you can be ready to jump on the next offer if one becomes available.

Still, registering with multiple sportsbooks and taking advantage of the low-hanging fruit that is the sign-up bonuses is the minimum. The benefits are easy and tangible, and thus it makes sense for most people to have accounts at a variety of legal Ohio sportsbooks.

Meeting playthrough requirements for bonus clearing

As we mentioned, one of the main conditions to unlocking bonus funds is often a playthrough requirement. This is a multiple of the total value of the promotion that you must wager before you can withdraw any remaining bonus money. For example, if the promotion you accept has a total value of $100 and a playthrough requirement of 5x, you’re going to need to place $500 in wagers to unlock the bonus funds for withdrawal.

You should understand what the requirement is for any promotion before you accept it, as this should play a big role in your decision-making. Large playthrough requirements can force you to bet more than you’d like, possibly even resulting in losses that may not have occurred if you had not accepted the bonus. Calculating if those losses would offset the entire bonus is a good first step.

One thing to note is that sometimes playthrough requirements will only count certain bets. What this means is that betting on a selection with odds lower than a certain amount — essentially betting on outcomes that are “sure things” — might not count toward meeting the requirement.