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Disclaimer: Hard Rock Sportsbook is not yet online in Ohio. This review is speculative based on the Hard Rock sportsbook in other states and will be updated once it launches here.

If you enjoy frequenting Hard Rock hotels, resorts, restaurants and casinos, you definitely will want to give the Hard Rock online sportsbook in Ohio a try. And when you do you’ll receive a $100 risk-free sports wager of your choosing. Hard Rock has also publicized a $500 bonus bet for folks who pre-register.

You can do your betting through Hard Rock’s website, and in the future, you’ll even be able to bet in person at a retail sportsbook located at Hard Rock Casino Cincinnati.

During our Hard Rock Sportsbook Ohio review we have you covered with everything that is to know about the mobile sportsbook. You will learn:

  • How to sign up, make your initial deposit and place your first bet.
  • How the $100 risk-free bet bonus for new users works.
  • What sports, teams and wagers you can place on the Hard Rock website.
  • What Hard Rock has to offer that you won’t find at any other Ohio Sportsbook.

With all that and more to go over, it’s time to get down to business with Hard Rock’s $100 welcome bonus.

Why Choose Hard Rock Sportsbook in Ohio?
  • Risk-free $100 bet available to new customers.
  • App doubles as a mobile casino.
  • Abundant sports and betting options available.
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Hard Rock Ohio Sportsbook promo code 2022

Hard Rock Sportsbook’s risk-free bet welcome bonus is somewhat unique because instead of offering a risk-free bet of up to $100, it’s actually a risk-free bet for exactly $100.

There is not a Hard Rock bonus code required to unlock the offer. Just use our links when creating your new account. To discover all the terms and conditions for this offer, be sure to read the following section.

Ohio SportsbookHard Rock Sportsbook
Hard Rock Promo CodeNone - Use Links
Sign-up Bonus$100 Risk-free Bet
Online Since2021 in Ohio
Last UpdatedJune 2022

Hard Rock Sportsbook Ohio welcome bonus — the fine print!

Once again, you don’t need a Hard Rock promo code to receive the risk-free $100 bet. Just use this link to register and you will be all set. Here are the exact terms for this offer.

What is the Hard Rock sports betting bonus offer?

After opening a new sportsbook account and making your initial deposit, you simply have to make a sports bet of $100 or more. Then, once the bet settles, your account will be credited with a $100 free bet.

The free bet only can be used on markets with odds of -110 or longer. If that bet wins you receive the winnings from your wager, but not the $100 in return.

The other stipulation is that you cannot cash out the winnings from the free bet until you’ve wagered at least $500 with Hard Rock.

Is the Hard Rock welcome bonus good?

Hmm, that’s a good question. The first thought that comes to mind with this bonus offer is: “Interesting.”

There is the potential that this could be a great welcome bonus, since you don’t have to lose your bet in order to receive the $100 free bet. However, we’re not huge fans of the $500, or 5x, play-through requirement with the offer.

Overall, we’ll just call it a unique and fairly decent welcome bonus.

Can I trust Hard Rock Sportsbook?

Yes, Hard Rock is a sportsbook operator you can trust unequivocally. The Hard Rock brand has been around for years and before getting into the online sportsbook arena in early 2019, it was a staple in the casino industry. In addition, Hard Rock would not be eligible for a sports betting license in Ohio if it was not viewed as a reputable online sportsbook.

How old do I have to be to bet at Hard Rock online betting?

You have to be at least 21 years of age in order to bet with Hard Rock Sportsbook in Ohio. Hard Rock will verify your age when you create your sportsbook account and if you are found to not be of age, you will not be granted an account.

Do you have to live in Ohio to bet with Hard Rock?

No, you are not required to live in Ohio, but you are required to be in Ohio when making bets on the Hard Rock website. Each and every time you use Hard Rock’s online sportsbook your whereabouts will be checked using geolocation software. If the geo-trackers confirm you are in Ohio, you are allowed to wager. If you block the trackers or they find you’re not in the Buckeye State, your bets won’t be accepted.

Getting started at Hard Rock Sportsbook in Ohio

To sign up and open a new sportsbook account with Hard Rock Ohio, simply use this link and then click the “Join Now” button. From there you must enter some personal information, including:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Date of birth

After entering those details, confirming you’re 21 or older, stating everything you entered is truthful and clicking “Join Now” another screen will appear asking for the final four digits of your Social Security number. You must supply this; otherwise you will not be allowed to open an account with Hard Rock. This is a requirement for all licensed sportsbooks in Ohio. But once you do that your account will be ready to use.

How do I download the Hard Rock Sportsbook Ohio app?

At this time it does not appear Hard Rock Sportsbook Ohio will have a mobile app. Instead you will be able to do all your sports betting and sportsbook account management using the Hard Rock Sportsbook website.

While it is a little unusual to not have a mobile sports betting app, it’s actually not that big of a deal.

Rather than opening up the Hard Rock mobile app on your Android phone/tablet or on your iPhone/iPad, you’ll just open the web browser of your choice and then go to Hard Rock Sportsbook Ohio’s webpage. Once you’re logged in, chances are you won’t notice much of a difference between using a sportsbook app vs. the website.

Going forward, if Hard Rock does launch iOS and Android apps, the process for downloading them will be pretty straightforward. You will have to click on different links based on whether you have an Apple or Android gadget. Those will open the Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively and you just need to choose “Get” or “Install” to download the Hard Rock Sportsbook app onto your device.

Where do I find Hard Rock Ohio promotions?

By clicking the “Promotions” header you can view what bonus offers Hard Rock Sportsbook has going on. Sad to say, at least as of right now, the findings are very sparse.

There is information about Hard Rock’s $100 free bet offer for new users and there also is a $10 free bet offer. The $10 free bet can only be used to place a futures bet on Super Bowl LVI.

Does Hard Rock Sportsbook have free contests?

Yes, you will find a smattering of free contests to enter at Hard Rock. Many of them are squares pools, which are most often associated with the Super Bowl.

While these contests are free to enter, you do have to be a Hard Rock Sportsbook bettor to partake. That’s because they only are open to users who have wagered at least $50 on bets with -150 odds or longer during the previous seven days.

Does Hard Rock Sportsbook have a rewards club?

The sportsbook itself does not have a rewards club; however, there is a link on Hard Rock Sportsbook’s website for a rewards program. When you click on it there is a message that reads: “New sports betting loyalty program and Rock Star Rewards coming soon!”

When information about the program is revealed we will share the important details with you.

Why should I choose Hard Rock Ohio Sportsbook?

You have a lot of options for which sportsbook or sportsbooks to sign up with in Ohio. Here are a few of the reasons why picking Hard Rock makes sense.

  • You are a Hard Rock fan: Listen, we all have our fandoms and if yours involves going to Hard Rock restaurants, hotels and casinos, then there’s no reason that you shouldn’t also sign up with Hard Rock Sportsbook. It appears a rewards program specifically for the sportsbook is coming, but until then you’ll still have the chance to earn free stays at Hard Rock properties when you wager at least $10,000 at Hard Rock Sportsbook.
  • Welcome bonus: While the Hard Rock welcome bonus for new users is a little unique, that doesn’t change the fact it’s a very solid offer. All you have to do is make a deposit of at least $100 and then place a bet of at least $100 as well. Doing so earns you a $100 free bet that can be wagered on the bet of your choosing as long as it has odds of -110 or longer. Keep in mind that you do have to wager at least $500 to be able to withdraw any money you win with that free bet though.
  • Multiple quality customer service options: It would be great if everything always went according to plan and nothing ever broke. Unfortunately we know that’s never going to be the case, so instead we love to see sportsbooks that have excellent customer service choices. Hard Rock is no exception, as you can call, email or live chat with a help desk representative if and when you have questions that need answers.

What won’t I like about Hard Rock Sportsbook?

With so many sports betting options available in Ohio, it’s crucial that you figure out which oddsmaker is right for you. Here are three things that we think could be improved at Hard Rock sportsbook, as compared with other sports betting options in Ohio.

  • Lack of betting options: At Hard Rock we’ve been disappointed with the lack of prop betting options. In addition to not finding many player props for many top games, you also cannot place one-game players for Major League Baseball, the NFL or NBA. If these are types of bets you are interested in making, we suggest checking out PointsBet Sportsbook and BetMGM Sportsbook, which both have more betting choices than just about any oddsmaker we’ve seen to date.
  • Dearth of promotions: You also will find very few, if any, sportsbook promotions at Hard Rock. That means no insurance promos, no parlay boosters and no free money giveaways. This is one of the more surprising things missing from Hard Rock because promotions have become pretty standard at online sportsbooks. FanDuel Sportsbook in Ohio has tons of promotions and the vast majority of them are high-quality offers if you’re looking for an oddsmaker with lots of bonuses.
  • Insufficient rewards club: While it sounds like a new sportsbook loyalty club is coming to Hard Rock, the fact is, it’s not there yet. That means you won’t be rewarded for the number of bets you place or the overall amount of money you wager at Hard Rock Sportsbook. When it comes to rewards programs, the one at DraftKings Sportsbook is our favorite. You receive rewards based on the amount of sports bets you place and the amount of DFS contests you enter at DraftKings.

What kind of sports bets can I make at Hard Rock online sports betting?

Hard Rock online betting offers all types of sports wagers. You will find moneylines, spreads and totals, what’s more there are prop bets, futures bets and multi-bets. Besides all that, you can bet on games while they happen thanks to live betting on the Hard Rock website.

With sports betting being completely new to a lot of Ohioans, we wanted to take some time and go over how the different betting options at Hard Rock Sportsbook work and show you how odds are displayed.

Cleveland Indians+105+1.5 (-180)Over 11.5 (+100)
Cincinnati Reds-120-1.5 (+150)Under 11.5. (-120)

Moneyline wagers

Let’s get the easiest bet type out of the way first. Moneyline wagers are bets you place on which team or player you think is going to win a given event. The moneyline odds simply tell you how much money you will win with a successful wager.

The Reds are slight favorites in this game, which you can tell because their moneyline odds are a negative number. In fact, the odds of -120 simply denotes that you must bet $120 in order to make a profit of $100. As very slight underdogs, you would win $105 by betting $100 on the Indians +105 moneyline.

  • Tip: If you’re unsure of how the odds work for any bet you can add the wager to your Hard Rock betslip, add your stake and then it will show you want you stand to win.

Point-spread betting

Betting against the spread means you need to take margin of victory into account. When a team has a minus sign in front of their spread number that simply means that many runs or points or goals will be taken away from their score. Conversely, when a plus sign is listed it means that many runs/points/goals will be tagged on their score. After you do the simple math you just need your team to be leading and your bet wins.

  • Tip: The line that is displayed is not always the only line available at Hard Rock. Instead you can click on a game and you’ll find multiple alternate lines to choose from.

Totals bets

These are also referred to as over/unders, because that is literally what you do with totals bets, wager on either the over or the under. They refer to the amount of runs/points/goals that will be scored in a game by both squads.

In this example, Hard Rock oddsmakers have the total at 11.5, if you think at least 12 runs will be scored you’ll bet on the over. If you think 11 runs or fewer will be tallied, you’d wager on the under.

  • Tip: Totals are not just for runs/points/goals scored, you also will find total wagers available for player stats. For instance, you might be able to bet on whether a starting pitcher will have over/under a certain number of strikeouts in a game.

Prop wagering

Like over/unders, prop bets do not have to do with who wins and who loses. Rather, you are betting on if a specific event will happen during a game. That event could be centered on a player (Will they homer?), team (Will they be the first to score?) Or the game as a whole (Will the contest go to extra innings?).

As we previously mentioned in this Hard Rock review, you will not find as many prop betting choices at Hard Rock as you will at some other Ohio sportsbook.

  • Tip: If you have multiple sportsbook accounts, pay close attention to prop betting markets, such as Super Bowl props, because they can have some of the biggest odds differentials.


With multi-betting you can link two or more bets together and in doing so your potential winnings will climb much higher than if you placed the bets separately.

The most typical multi-bet is a parlay and it’s simply two or more bets of any variety joined together. The reason you receive increased odds is due to the fact that you only win a parlay wager if all your bets are correct.

Then there are teasers, which are just for spread bets for one sport (usually football or basketball). Once again you need to get all your bets right to win, but teasers allow you to shift the line for all your bets by the same amount. This causes your odds to change as well, as you might expect.

Lastly, there are round robins, these multi-bets necessitate making at least three wagers. Then, depending on the number of wagers you place, you will have different round robin betting choices. Basically, round robins just create smaller parlay wagers from your selections. This allows you to get one or more bets wrong and not lose your whole wager, which is what would happen with a parlay or teaser.

  • Tip: Don’t get caught up in the potential winnings when making parlays; it can be easy to keep adding bets because you see your possible payouts skyrocket. Instead, focus on making bets you have the most faith in actually happening.

Futures markets at Hard Rock Sportsbook

Of course any bet you make takes place in the future, but futures betting pertains to more long-off events. Examples of futures bets are wagering on the Reds or Indians to win the World Series, betting on the Cincinnati Bengals or betting on the Browns to win the Super Bowl, the Columbus Blue Jackets to win the Stanley Cup or the Cleveland Cavaliers to win the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

You also can wager on players to win MVP, Rookie of the Year and other similar awards during both the regular and postseason.

  • Tip: Just as was the case with prop bets, make sure to compare futures odds to make sure you are getting the top ones available.

Live betting

Live, or in-game, wagering is simply what it is called when you bet on games taking place at that very second. Merely tap on the “In-Play” header and all the live games that are available to wager on at Hard Rock Sportsbook will be shown.

Depending on the contest you will be able to bet on anything from spread, moneyline and total bets to what will happen during the next play or even next pitch.

Tip: With live betting odds changing all the time you need to make absolutely sure that the feed you’re watching a game on is in sync with Hard Rock Sportsbook. You can tell this by checking the time remaining on the Hard Rock website and on the video feed you’re watching the game on. Delays of 30 seconds or more could end up causing you to regret your bets just seconds after placing them.

Can I bet on the FC Cincinnati and Columbus Crew at Hard Rock Sportsbook?

Yes, you can bet on Major League Soccer at Hard Rock Ohio Sportsbook, including finding odds for the Crew, FC Cincinnati and the rest of MLS teams.

Soccer wagering is one of the more unique betting markets, so let’s go over exactly how it works.

  • Draw no bet: This is one of the more popular ways to bet on soccer because it eliminates having to worry about a match ending in a draw. This bet works just how it sounds, you bet on Team A or B and if things end in a draw your bet simply is refunded.
  • Halftime/Full time: Here you essentially are placing a two-leg parlay wager. The first bet is for which team will be leading at halftime and the second is for which team will be leading at a game’s conclusion. Draws are a possibility for each part, so you’ll have nine options to choose from.
  • Double chance: For double chance bets you are wagering on two of three possible outcomes taking place. For instance, if Columbus and Cincinnati were playing you could get on Columbus or draw, Cincinnati or draw, or Columbus or Cincinnati. Since you’re covering two-thirds of the possible outcomes, the odds for double chance wagers are typically pretty low.

How do I get money on (and off!) Hard Rock online sportsbook quickly?

While things are still being finalized, this is likely what your deposit and cash out choices will be at Hard Rock Sportsbook Ohio. The withdrawal options definitely are lacking, so make sure one of the two current choices works for you.


Deposit MethodMinimum AmountProcessing Time
ACH (eCheck)$10Instant
Visa or Mastercard
Credit/Debit Card
Play+ Prepaid Debit Card$10Instant
PayNearMe$101-2 Days


Withdrawal MethodMinimum AmountProcessing Time
Bank TransferNo MinimumUp to 2 Business Days
ACH (eCheck)No MinimumUp to 2 Business Days

How do I get help at Hard Rock Sportsbook?

When you click the “Contact Us” button on the top of Hard Rock’s webpage you’ll find a link to email Hard Rock with any questions or concerns you have. You also can call the help desk (844-951-7625) or live chat with a Hard Rock agent by clicking the help bubble in the lower left-hand corner of the Contact Us page.

Additionally, you can click the “FAQs” header along the bottom of the webpage to see if there’s a solution to your problem there.

How do I exclude myself from Hard Rock?

To exclude yourself from Hard Rock Sportsbook start by getting logged into your account. Next click “My Account” and then choose “Responsible Gaming.” From here you’ll have access to the following sections:

  • Limits: Under limits you can restrict how much money you can deposit in one day, week or month. You also can regulate how much you can wager during a day/week/month. And even how long you can be signed into your Hard Rock Sportsbook account each day/week/month.
  • Cool off: This feature temporarily suspends you from accessing your Hard Rock account. You can choose between three and 30 days to be banned from your account.
  • Self exclusion: Under self exclusion you will find a link that will take you to Ohio’s iGaming self-exclusion program. This will let you self ban yourself from Hard Rock if that is what you believe is best.

If you would like to learn more about healthy and safe sports betting habits, we suggest checking out our responsible gambling in Ohio page.

Can I bet at Hard Rock Sportsbook in person in Ohio?

Yes, the plan is for there to be a retail Hard Rock Sportsbook located at Hard Rock Cincinnati Casino. The casino was originally branded Horseshoe Casino before having its name changed to Jack Casino as part of a rebrand in 2013.

The COVID-19 pandemic delayed the debut of Hard Rock Cincinnati Casino until 2021 and the hope is for the retail sportsbook to open in the near future.

  • Address: 1000 Broadway Street
  • Location: Cincinnati, OH 45202
  • Phone: (513) 250-2150
  • Website: hardrockcasinocincinnati.com
  • Opening? Hopefully sometime in 2021

How does Hard Rock compare to other Ohio sportsbooks?

Hard Rock online sportsbook definitely is not the best sportsbook in Ohio, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strongly consider signing up with Hard Rock. The $100 free bet bonus for new users is reason alone to give the online sportsbook a try.

We also believe it makes sense to have more than one online sportsbook account, assuming it works for you financially. That way you can compare lines and bonus offers to always make absolutely sure that you’re getting the best odds and lines available.

Hard Rock Sportsbook Ohio FAQ

Yes, betting on college sports is definitely an option at Hard Rock. However, it remains unclear which college teams you can bet on. No announcement has been made as to whether you can bet on Ohio-based NCAA teams at local sportsbooks. When a decision is announced we will share it with our readers.

Because as of right now Hard Rock does not have an iOS or Android sports betting app in Ohio. The sportsbook’s website is the only way to bet remotely with Hard Rock at this time. The website works well on smartphones and tablets using your web browser though, so we don’t view this as a problem when it comes to Hard Rock.

While Hard Rock does have online sportsbooks in both New Jersey and Iowa, you will need to use separate websites as well as separate accounts to use them. For those reasons you can’t really use Hard Rock’s mobile sportsbook unless you are within Ohio state lines.

You can deposit money using PayPal, an eCheck, a MasterCard or Visa debit or credit card or a prepaid Play+ debit card and the funds will show up in your Hard Rock Sportsbook account almost instantly. As for withdrawals, you can request them via a bank transfer or an eCheck. Both methods take up to two business days.

Hard Rock does have a welcome offer in which you’ll receive a $100 free bet after making a deposit of at least $100 and then placing a bet of at least $100. The free bet can only be used on wagers with minimum odds of -110. Additionally, you cannot withdraw funds won with the $100 free bet until you’ve bet at least $500 with Hard Rock.

The biggest outward difference is that Hard Rock does not have a mobile app, while BetMGM has both an iOS and Android app. BetMGM also offers quite a few promotions and bonuses, while Hard Rock currently does not have much to offer in those realms. Finally, at BetMGM you can place one-game parlays on NFL and NBA games, while at Hard Rock you cannot.