Editorial Guidelines

PlayOhio seeks to provide readers with a comprehensive and reliable resource for news and information about legal gambling in Ohio.

We recognize that the internet contains a lot of gambling-related content in general and plenty of information about Ohio gambling in particular. We are also aware that it can sometimes be difficult to judge the quality of the information you encounter online and to distinguish which sites are trustworthy and which are not.

To that end, let us explain why you can trust the news you receive at PlayOhio. We’ll cover how we go about researching and collecting the information we share with you as well as the process we follow when reporting it. Meanwhile, if you ever have a question or suggestion about any of our reporting, please drop us an email.

Legal and legitimate only

One of the biggest sources of confusion about gambling in Ohio is uncertainty about whether a particular site or activity is legal for people in the state.

The bottom line about PlayOhio is that our focus is on legal and regulated gambling options in the Buckeye State. As you’ll find when reading our informational pages and articles about these forms of gambling, we concentrate on options that are legal according to the laws on the books, regulatory records and/or opinions of the state attorney general. Meanwhile, we don’t report on unregulated forms of gambling unless it’s news about violations or to warn readers about the risks of such outlets.

Additionally, PlayOhio is largely not an opinion site. Although we do have perceptions about various bits of news based upon our years of experience in the gambling industry, we try to keep those reflections to ourselves most of the time. Our primary goal is to provide you with an unvarnished look at the facts of Ohio gambling so that you can make up your own mind.

Our procedure for gathering information

PlayOhio derives most of its reporting from primary sources. To that end, we often include quotes from lawmakers, opinions from law enforcement or regulators, and citations of actual bills or laws in the state.

We have been writing about gambling for a long time and have numerous contacts all over Ohio (and the rest of the country). As a result, we do hear rumors from time to time about things that might be occurring. However, we do not publish what we cannot verify independently and impartially.

Our standards for publication

All of the pages and articles that appear on PlayOhio are written by Catena Media personnel or freelancers whom we’ve screened. We do not accept posts from external sources.

All PlayOhio content is original to the site. On rare occasions, we may use another outlet’s reporting as a basis for one of our stories. In those instances, we always credit and link to the author or authors responsible for the original report.

Additionally, multiple editors review each page and post for factual accuracy, grammar, readability and other issues. We also update informational pages whenever changes occur to ensure they are current. PlayOhio’s managing editor, Danny Cross, also reviews each item.

How we operate

PlayOhio is not a traditional media outlet. For many years, media companies have largely funded their reporting and activities through the sale of advertising space in their publications. The types of businesses that can purchase this space are largely unrestricted and can be any type of company, even ones that readers may have no interest in patronizing.

Instead, we partner with top legal gambling companies to offer you bonuses and promotions. At no time will you have to subscribe to PlayOhio or pay any kind of fee for these offers. In many cases, they are also exclusive to PlayOhio and/or Catena Media (our parent company).

Our partners aren’t contributors

As close as our relationships with our partners are, we do not allow them any kind of say in the content we produce. Our partners do not contribute to our stories and will only appear in our reporting if they are relevant primary or secondary sources for the report. They have no editorial input into what appears on PlayOhio.

PlayOhio is an independent affiliate marketing site, and our biggest concerns are to inform our readers about Ohio gambling and to enhance the experience of Ohio gamblers.

As we mentioned, we do not accept unsolicited advertising offers from external sources. The only ads that you’ll see on PlayOhio are from select gambling companies with whom we have affiliate deals. We do not offer advertising contracts to anyone.

Reach out to us

Here are our contact details if you want to get in touch:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: Catena Media, 11700 W. Charleston Blvd. No. 170-520, Las Vegas, NV 89135
  • Phone: 646-543-0245

Above all else, we want PlayOhio to be your first resource for information about gambling in Ohio. If you see something wrong, let us know so that we can address it. If something isn’t clear, let us know that, as well. And if you like what you’re reading, you can tell us about that, too.