Corner Kick Betting in Ohio

Prop bets, once a niche option, are now a staple of the sports betting world. If you’re a soccer bettor, your mind may immediately jump to props that focus on goals, cards or assists. However, there’s one specific soccer prop that has achieved cult-like popularity in recent years: corner kicks.

It may seem bizarre, but corners are a preferred option for many soccer bettors. In this comprehensive guide, we’re going to take you through the key aspects of betting on corner kicks and why you may want corner betting on your radar.

What is a corner kick?

Before we plunge into the nitty-gritty of corner betting, let’s first define the basics. Corner kicks, colloquially known as corners in soccer, are set pieces that are awarded to attacking teams after the ball crosses the goal line and a defending player was the last to touch it — except in situations where the ball goes into the goal. Various situations can lead to corner kicks. Here are a few of the most common:

  • After a goalkeeper makes a save.
  • Defensive clearances.
  • Defensive blocks.
  • Random blocks or touches from defending players during periods of sustained pressure.
  • Free kicks in the attacking third that defensive players clear or block.

Apart from those, many other situations can directly lead to corners. For example, back-to-back corners are common. If you plan to bet on corners, you should try to look at every possible scenario that can lead to a corner kick because all of these scenarios could be important.

Why bet on corners?

In soccer betting, you can wager on things such as the winner of the game, total goals, assists, cards and the exact score, just to name a few. So, you may be wondering, what makes corner kick betting special?

Well, for starters, corner betting is still extremely niche. You may be more likely to find an undervalued corner line than an undervalued goal line since sportsbooks tend to pay closer attention to more popular bets. That’s why clever bettors may focus on corner kicks — there may be more value in such bets.

Additionally, corner betting focuses on something that doesn’t have a direct relation to the game’s final outcome — this eases the pressure of figuring out who is going to win the game, what the margin of victory will be or how many goals the teams will score. Essentially, corner betting is a more relaxed alternative, and it can be great if you don’t want to focus on the core aspects of the game.

Corner betting options

If you’re interested in corner betting, you’ll be pleased to learn that this alternative can offer a variety of betting options. The limit will depend on your sportsbook. Here are the most common corner betting options that you’ll find at most sports betting sites in Ohio, such as on the BetMGM Ohio app and Caesars Sportsbook:

Total corners in the game

If you’ve ever placed an over/under bet, this is similar. You’re betting on whether the game’s total corners will be over or under a line that the sportsbook has set. Here’s an example:

Columbus Crew vs. FC Cincinnati corner line
Over 10.5 corners(-110)
Under 10.5 corners(-110)

If you bet on over 10.5 corners, you’ll need 11 or more corner kicks in the game to win your bet. Similarly, if you bet on the under, the game would need to have 10 or fewer corners for your bet to win.

Let’s say that you backed the over at odds of -110. If you wagered $110 and the Crew vs. Cincinnati game produced 13 corners, you’d end up winning $100.

Halftime total corners

In principle, this bet is quite similar to the one above, except in this case you’re only concerned with corner kicks in the first half.

Columbus vs. Cincinnati halftime corner line
Over 4.5 corners(-110)
Under 4.5 corners(-110)

If you bet on over 4.5 corners and the first half produces six, you’ll win your wager. However, if you place the same bet and there are 12 corners in the game but only four during the first half, you won’t win.

Total corners per team

Instead of betting on the game’s total corner count, the focus of this bet is on a specific team — for example, Columbus Crew over 6.5 corners (+130).

Let’s say that you back the Crew to get over 6.5 corners. If there are 12 corners in the game and eight of those go to the Columbus Crew, then you’ll win your wager.

Betting on a specific team’s corner count can be fun, especially in situations where one team looks as if it will receive a majority of the game’s corners based on its playing style.

Team to win most corners

This bet shares the same concept as a moneyline betting. The only difference is that you’re betting on a certain team to win the corner count instead of winning the game outright. The total number of corners doesn’t matter here; the team that you’re betting on simply needs to notch more corners than the other team.

For example, if you bet on Team A to win the corner count and it receives one corner during the game while Team B doesn’t get a corner at all, you’ll still win your bet even though the game had very few corners.


Is the game’s corner count going to be odd or even? If you’re into 50/50 bets, this might be one for you. If you bet on an odd number of corner kicks, you’ll win your bet if the game produces one, three, five, seven, etc. On the other hand, if you bet on an even number, you’ll need an even number of corner kicks.

While this can be fun, such a wager relies more on luck than the ones we discussed above. Keep that in mind if you plan to place one of these bets.

Corner betting props

In addition to the above wagers, you may also find some more specific side bets related to corner kicks. These corner props vary from one sportsbook to the next, but, typically, you can expect to find bets such as the following:

  • Team A or Team B to take the first corner.
  • Will any team score from a corner?
  • Over/under 0.5 corners in the first 10 minutes.

How to read corner betting odds

The odds for corner wagers will depend on two things: the type of corner bet that you want to place and the specific betting lines that the sportsbook is offering. Whatever the case, reading corner odds is pretty simple.

The most common corner bet is betting on the game’s total number of kicks. The typical odds for such a bet will usually start at around -110 on both sides. Let’s use our previous example to see how those odds would pay out:

Columbus Crew vs. FC Cincinnati corner line
Over 10.5 corners(-110)
Under 10.5 corners(-110)

Negative odds, such as -110, show how much you would need to bet to win $100. So if you want to win $100 by betting on the over in this example, you would need to risk $110. Let’s say that you wanted to place another wager on this alternate corner line:

Columbus Crew vs. FC Cincinnati alternate corner line
Over 12.5 corners(+200)
Under 12.5 corners (-150)

When dealing with positive odds, the number represents how much you would stand to win from a $100 wager. In the above bet, if you wagered $100 on the over (+200), you’d win $200 if there were 13 or more corners in the game.

Live betting on corner markets

These days, you can place a variety of live bets on ongoing events. At many sportsbooks, for example, you may be able to wager on which team will get the next corner kick as the game is taking place.

With live betting, since you’re watching or following the game, you have something to guide your decision-making. This means that you can try to use the game’s stats to gauge what’s going to happen next.

In corner betting specifically, live stats can help you figure out what bet to place. For example, if a pregame favorite is losing and has a lot of attacking momentum, that may provide a corner betting opportunity, especially if the team is actively chasing an equalizer at the end of the first half or during the last few minutes of the game.

If both teams are creating a lot of chances, expecting a high corner count seems reasonable. The same applies to games with tight scores like 2-1 or 1-1. Such scores show that the game is a tightly contested affair, and both teams still have a lot to play for before the final whistle.

Key stats to consider when betting on corners

Here are some key considerations to keep in mind when placing corner bets:

A team’s average corner statistics

When you’re placing any type of bet, it’s good to keep recent stats in mind. The same is true when it comes to soccer corner betting.

If you’re interested in a certain game, ensure that you consider recent corner statistics of the two competing teams. Here, your main focus should be the number of corners that both teams average. You can take recent games into account or even look at both teams’ average corner count during the season, especially if they’ve been involved in a significant number of games.

Once you have some data, you can look at the line that the sportsbook set and decide whether it’s wise to back the over or the under.

A team’s style of play

Playing styles are crucial in corner betting. Certain teams opt for a style that makes more corner kicks likely, while others tend to have a more direct approach.

Teams that rely on wingers usually end up notching more corners than teams that play through the middle. This is because such teams tend to rely on crosses, and it’s easier for a lot of crosses to end up with the defending team blocking or intercepting them.

Physically aggressive teams with bigger players also tend to rely on set pieces and are thus more likely to seek out corners since they are aware that they give them an aerial advantage.

The stats and stakes during live betting

If you plan to place live corner bets, you need to consider two crucial things: live stats and the stakes at play for both teams. Is the pregame favorite behind? Is this a game that either side needs to win? Do the stats indicate that there are going to be more corners? Does the live corner line look realistic if you take the time left into consideration? Is there enough attacking momentum that can directly lead to corners?

These are a few considerations that any serious corner bettor should try to keep in mind. Remember, at odds of -110, you need to win 52.4% of the time to break even at sports betting.

Corner betting tips and strategies

Aside from the data that we’ve mentioned above, here are some other corner betting strategies that will help you increase your potential long-term profits:

1. Try a variety of corner bets

If you’re starting out, we suggest that you first try a variety of corner bets. This will help you figure out the most suitable options for your betting style, if you have a Ohio sportsbook promo to hand, it is a great way of getting used to corner betting.

You can mix live corner bets with pregame wagers or try a bet that you normally wouldn’t be into. Testing different bets can be an eye-opening experience that will help you realize your preferences. Eventually, after you’ve dabbled in corner betting for a couple of seasons, you may find that you have a go-to favorite.

2. Look for specific corner trends

Many teams have specific corner trends that bettors can take into account. Such trends may be things like a high corner count early during the game, many/few corners when playing against certain teams, a high corner conversion rate, etc.

The only way that you can find these exploitable trends is by digging deep and keeping your eyes open at all times. And this ties in with our next corner betting tip …

3. Research, research and more research

We know — research receives a lot of emphasis in sports betting. But there’s a reason why many sharps swear by endless hours of research. The research will help you find value, beat the sportsbooks and stay in the game long-term.

Placing a corner bet — or any other bet, for that matter — before you conduct the necessary amount of research is akin to betting malpractice. So don’t doom your bet before you place it by ignoring research.

Ohio responsible gambling resources

For responsible gambling, Ohio provides comprehensive resources:

  • Ohio Lottery Commission: Through its Play Responsibly initiative, offers treatment programs, fact sheets, and resources highlighting warning signs. It also offers the Ohio Voluntary Exclusion Program.
  • Ohio for Responsible Gambling: A collective effort by state agencies offering tips for responsible gambling, warning sign information, and treatment options for adversely affected individuals.
  • Ohio Casino Control Commission: Provides responsible gambling resources, mental health resources, a self-assessment questionnaire, and contact information for state and national gambling helplines.
  • Problem Gambling Network of Ohio: A nonprofit advocating for responsible gambling and offering treatment services, professional seminars, and webinars.