771 Ohio Sports Betting Kiosks Went Live Jan. 1

Written By Tyler Andrews on December 29, 2022 - Last Updated on April 1, 2024
Ohio sports betting kiosks

While a continued rollout will take place throughout 2023, 771 Ohio sports betting kiosks went live Jan. 1 for the first day of sports betting, according to a list provided by the Ohio Lottery to PlayOhio.

Per a recent Lottery press release, the more than 1,000 approved sports betting kiosks will not all go live on Jan. 1. Instead, Ohioans can expect a “phased roll-out” for the novel kiosks that will serve as convenient retail betting options throughout the state.

The Ohio sports betting market launched just after midnight on Sunday, Jan. 1.

UPDATE AUG. 25: There are now 911 Ohio businesses licensed to add sports betting kiosks. The list below is the most recent version.

Seven kiosk proprietors are all on different timelines

The Ohio Casino Control Commission approved seven kiosk proprietors (companies that provide the kiosk machines and software) that all Ohio kiosk hosts (venues where the kiosks will be placed) could choose from. 

Of those seven, UBet Ohio, Ohio-based BetIGG, and Intralot were to be ready for the Jan. 1 launch. UBet and BetIGG will be responsible for 50 host locations between the two. Intralot will service 700 more.

Intralot announced on Jan. 31 that all of its kiosks would be up and running within 48 hours. Delays had caused frustration among business owners that expected the kiosks to be working sooner. 

Elys Game Technology recently announced that its platform has been certified to enter the Ohio market. BetSkyBox, Gold Rush Sports Betting, and J&J Gaming are all scheduled to begin their phased rollouts in early 2023. A full list of the seven kiosk proprietors and their roll-out timeframes can be found here on the Ohio Lottery website.

Here’s where the Ohio betting kiosks are located

Most kiosks will be situated in major population areas. For most of the year, Columbus, Cincinnati, Akron and the Cleveland-Cleveland Heights areas have hosted the most kiosks.

Here is the full list of businesses operating sports betting kiosks from the Ohio Lottery (updated as of Aug. 25).

Download (XLSX, 87KB)

Map of Ohio betting kiosk locations

Kiosks will look different but offer same basic service

Speaking with PlayOhio, Ohio Lottery Public Information Officer Marie Kilbane Seckers explained:

“All the kiosks will look a little different depending on who the proprietor is.”

Per Kilbane Seckers, some will serve as stand-alone sports-betting-only kiosks, while others, like those operated by Intralot, may integrate sports betting, lottery tickets, and Keno through a split-screen display on a single machine. Hosts were given the freedom to choose which proprietor they wanted to partner with based on the product that best suited their needs.

All machines have a few features in common. First, your account information is shared across every machine, so that you can cash out your winnings from any kiosk host who agrees to do so. Second, all kiosks keep the same running tally of your weekly bets in order to cap your wagering when you hit the weekly $700 limit. Finally, all have the same restrictions on the types of bets that can be placed: Point spread, moneyline, over/under, and parlays of two to four legs.

Kiosk market will continue to grow throughout 2023

Beyond the phased rollout, the Ohio kiosk market will continue to grow through the coming year. The Ohio Lottery has pre-approved 1,607 kiosk hosts, but as of this writing, only 1,103 hosts have received conditional approval from the OCCC to operate a kiosk. That leaves room for nearly 500 more kiosks to open in the Buckeye State should the new kiosk market take off. 

PlayOhio will follow this new market closely as it could set a new standard for retail betting in other states.

Online sportsbooks opened at 12:01 a.m. Jan. 1

At least 11 online betting apps started taking bets at 12:01 a.m. Sunday in Ohio. That number will continue to grow but it was already the largest single-day launch of online betting apps in our nation’s history.

Since welcome offers are typically the best deals you can find from books, you might consider taking advantage during these early days.

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