Ohio Betting Kiosks

About Ohio’s Betting Kiosks

Kiosks are one of the most accessible options for betting on sports in Ohio. Bettors can find these electronic betting machines at small businesses in every corner of the state within local bars, restaurants, grocery stores and others. 

Not every Ohio resident lives near a casino. That can make driving to the nearest sportsbook difficult if you prefer to place your bets in person. Kiosks help solve that problem by providing additional betting locations.

Over 1,000 businesses have been approved to host kiosks with nearly 1,600 pre-approved. A total of 771 Ohio sports betting kiosks opened for business on Jan. 1, 2023, and the list has grown to 911 Ohio kiosk locations

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Questions about betting kiosks in Ohio

What are kiosks?

Kiosks are electronic machines that Ohio residents can use to bet on sports. They work similarly to the state’s electronic lottery ticket machines.

When can I use an Ohio betting kiosk?

Now! Kiosk gambling became available in Ohio on Jan. 1, 2023. That was the universal start date for online betting apps, Las Vegas-style retail sportsbooks and kiosks alike.

Where can I find betting kiosks?

Bettors can find sports betting kiosks at local businesses around the state. Bars, restaurants, grocery stores, bowling alleys and gas stations are a few examples of businesses that plan to host kiosks. 

A total of 771 businesses were fully licensed to begin taking bets on Jan. 1, 2023, and that number is expected to grow. The Ohio Lottery Commission pre-approved over 1,500 businesses to host kiosks, and the Ohio Casino Control Commission conditionally approved over 1,000. 

Are there limitations to using a kiosk?

Sports betting kiosks are limited to taking the following wagers:

  • Spread wagers: A bet on the outcome of a game against odds designed to level the playing field.
  • Over-under wagers: A bet on whether the game score will be higher or lower than projected.
  • Moneyline wagers: A straight-up bet without any point spread where bettors predict the outright winner.
  • Parlays: A single bet on two to four outcomes. Each side must win to produce a winning ticket.

Proposition and in-game wagers are not permitted on sports betting kiosks.

Each Ohio bettor can only wager up to $700 in each calendar week across all sports betting kiosks.

How do I get my money if my kiosk bet wins?

If you place a winning bet at a sports betting kiosk, then you can cash out your ticket at the business where you placed your bet or at any Ohio Lottery retailer in Ohio that chooses to pay out the bets. The state recently amended the cash-out rule to allow Lottery retailers that do not offer sports betting to still cash out tickets to offer more cash-out options. 

Ohio responsible gambling initiatives 

Ohio is a hub for responsible gambling resources:

  • Ohio Lottery Commission: The ‘Play Responsibly’ initiative provides access to treatment programs and resources such as fact sheets and warning signs, as well as the Ohio Voluntary Exclusion Program.
  • Ohio for Responsible Gambling: This collective initiative brings together state agencies to provide responsible gambling tips, warning sign information, and treatment options.
  • Ohio Casino Control Commission: As the regulatory body, it provides various resources including mental health services, information on treatment facilities, a self-assessment questionnaire, and helpline contacts.
  • Problem Gambling Network of Ohio: This nonprofit, affiliated with the National Council on Problem Gambling, advocates for responsible gambling, offers treatment services, and conducts webinars and seminars for professionals.