A Grocery Store Could Spark The New Sports Betting Trend In Ohio

Written By Sam Eggleston on February 8, 2024 - Last Updated on February 9, 2024
A picture of a Kroger grocery store

Finding a location to bet on sports in Ohio is now easier than ever. One of the world’s largest grocery retailers now offers sports betting to customers while they shop.

Supermarket chain Kroger recently added sports betting kiosks to dozens of its supermarket locations in the southwestern region of the state. More are likely to follow, although no timetable has been given by the retailer.

With almost 2,800 stores in 35 states, Kroger could have a major impact on in-person sports betting across the country in the future.

Kroger collects a 10% fee on each bet made at its kiosks

Kroger, which was founded in Ohio, now joins the long list of retailers hosting sports betting kiosks in the state. Despite the majority of Ohio sports betting taking place online, there are now about 850 locations offering sports betting kiosks in Ohio.

Kroger has installed kiosks at locations in and around Cincinnati and Dayton. Kroger operates 195 stores in 113 Ohio towns and cities. It collects 10% on each bet made at one of its kiosks.

The Ohio Casino Control Commission and the Ohio Lottery have given approval to Kroger to add sports betting kiosks at several other locations throughout the state. Kroger officials have not said if more locations will be adding kiosks in the future. Also, it’s still unknown if other supermarkets in Ohio will install kiosks.

Kroger has a few rules that go beyond state regulations

Ohio state law allows casinos throughout the Buckeye State to offer sports wagering. Officials also urge retailers that offer lottery games to pursue the opportunity.

However, betting in between picking out produce items won’t be the same as a sportsbook. The Ohio Lottery restricts its vendors in several ways that the Ohio Casino Control Commission doesn’t to sportsbooks.

For instance, in addition to all players having to be at least 21 years old, there is also a cap on how much a shopper can bet each week: $700. Also, stores will pay winnings only up to $599.

Because of that, players who regularly bet on sports will probably prefer betting in person at one of the state’s casinos or online.

That said, kiosks at Kroger could prove to be a game-changer in Ohio in-person betting. Ohio betters wagered more than $13 million at kiosks across the state in 2023.

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