Cleveland’s Jake Paul, Betr Bringing Micro-Betting Focus To Ohio

Written By Jake Garza on August 8, 2022 - Last Updated on September 9, 2022
Jake Paul Betr Ohio Sports Betting

Ohio’s own Jake Paul is bringing a new sports betting brand to the Buckeye State. The YouTuber-turned-boxer will be an instrumental part of launching Betr Sportsbook, which will be live for real money sports betting in Ohio soon.

The app focuses on “micro-betting,” a feature that the company hopes will be a new-and-improved version of live betting on sports as they’re happening.

Betr is just one of the Ohio online sportsbooks planning to launch in the state next year.

Jake Paul’s Betr sportsbook coming to Ohio

Instabet, Betr’s original name, applied for an online betting license through a partnership with the Hall of Fame Village.

Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment later officially announced its new partnership to bring Betr Sportsbook to Ohio. The two sides will be working together for the foreseeable future thanks to their new 10-year partnership.

In other words, the Betr app could be ready to go in time for the universal start date for Ohio sports betting on Jan. 1, 2023. Betr launched a free-to-play option throughout the entire US on Sept. 1. Betr has not yet publicly disclosed plans to enter into Ohio for real-money betting, though that’s typical for brands during the licensing process.

Paul, a Cleveland native, is essentially the face of the Betr brand, which includes a content wing with Paul deputing a video series “BS With Jake Paul” on Monday. Paul and Joey Levy, the company’s founder, are teaming up to launch Betr Sportsbook in markets around the country.

According to multiple reports, the company has already managed to stitch together over $50 million in funding, which includes notable investors such as:

  • Travis Scott
  • Dez Bryant
  • Richard Sherman
  • Ezekiel Elliot

The Pro Football Hall of Fame Village applied for a Type-A sports gaming proprietor license. In addition, the Canton complex has applied for a Type-B retail sportsbook, partnering with BetRivers there.

Live betting is tricky for sportsbooks

In a nutshell, Betr was born out of Levy’s frustrations with the current legal sportsbooks in the US. He’s hoping that Betr will be able to solve what he sees as overcomplicated interfaces in the industry.

His solution? Cut the fat from the sports betting business.

Where other online sportsbooks opt for an all-around experience, Betr is focusing its product around live betting, or micro-betting, as the company prefers to call it.

If you’re not familiar with micro-betting, then don’t sweat it. Micro-betting is just wagering on a sports game as it’s happening. That offers a different experience compared to placing your bets before a game starts.

It’s a service that virtually every sportsbook already offers, but no company has really been able to perfect it yet. In fact, Levy has been involved with the company Simplebet, which operates some live betting services for other operators such as DraftKings.

In general, the current live betting experience is mediocre at best. It’s plagued by slow update times that have gamblers racing to place their bets before they become out of date and invalid. Plus, there’s the issue of lagging sports streams for cord-cutters, an ongoing hurdle for the micro-betting world, which is geared toward younger bettors.

Other concerns for micro-betting as Ohio nears launch

Another issue: There are also responsible gambling concerns for the ability to fire off quick bets in succession.

Betr is hoping to overcome these problems, putting its entire spotlight on the company’s micro-betting product. Micro-betting has dominated other global markets, and Levy said US sports are ripe for this kind of betting experience.

That could end up being easier said than done. But at the very least, Ohio gamblers could have an ambitious new sportsbook to try out when wagering begins in January.

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