Traditional vs. Live Sports Betting

Beyond the magic of having your sportsbook in your pocket or on your desk at all times, there is another reason to really fall in love with technology if you’re involved in sports betting: live betting.

Live sports betting allows you to make wagers on the game while it is happening. This option is available via online sportsbooks and sports betting apps. You aren’t able to track the odds and bet as quickly at sportsbooks in brick-and-mortar locations, making it pretty much impossible to participate in live betting.

But what if you’re not too keen on betting in such a fast and furious manner? Is traditional online betting or live betting better? What are the advantages and disadvantages? We try to answer those questions and more below.

Where can I bet on sports online in Ohio?

Legal online sportsbooks are becoming more and more accessible as states continue to legalize sports betting in Ohio. Now that Ohio has taken that step, soon you will be able to bet online here, as well. And sportsbooks launching in the state will need to be legal and regulated.

Popular sports bets

Most Ohio-based sportsbooks are going to offer a full slate of betting options. Common options you’re going to encounter include moneylines, point spreads, totals, props, parlays and futures:

  • Moneylines: Your only task is to choose which team, or player, is going to win the game or event. If you’re correct, you will receive winnings based on your wager amount and the odds at the time you placed your bet.
  • Point spreads: Oddsmakers will set a spread number for a game. You can bet on the favorite to win the game by more than the spread number. Or, if you want to wager on the underdog, that side would need to keep the game closer than the spread or win outright.
  • Totals bet: Wager on the total combined score of a game. The sportsbook will set a line, and you can wager on the two teams to score over or under that line. Another name for this bet is an over/under bet.
  • Prop bets: Bet on a smaller aspect of the game than the final score or who wins. For example, you could bet on whether Baker Mayfield will throw for more than 250 yards in the next game. Or, in the case of an event like the Super Bowl, you might be able to bet on things like what color Gatorade the winning team will dump on its coach.
  • Parlays: A parlay requires you to make multiple bets on the same bet slip. If you get all of your choices correct, you win. The more choices you add, the better your potential payout will be. However, more choices also make your bet more difficult to win. Some online sportsbooks may offer parlay insurance that kicks in if you get all but one of the legs right.
  • Futures: Just as the name implies, futures wagers have you betting on more distant outcomes. Common futures bets are things like the NFL MVP, the teams that will make the NBA Finals or which team will hoist the Stanley Cup. The possibilities are pretty varied, so you’ll be able to check out multiple options at online sportsbooks.

How does live betting work?

Live betting, also known as in game betting or in play betting, is a relatively new addition to wagering on sports. Thanks to technological advancements, live betting online allows you to wager on games as they are happening. Options may include updated versions of the moneyline, point spread and total, as well as an array of props. The odds and betting lines will shift, often quite rapidly, in response to what’s happening in the game.

This level of engagement has proven to be extremely popular. It helps that you can do your wagering from anywhere within a state where sports betting is legal. This means you could be sitting at the bar with your friends, or even in a stadium, and still make the bets you want. Here are some examples of bets you might come across:

  • Will Player X have 250+ passing yards in the game?
  • Which player will score the next touchdown?
  • Will there be a shootout to end the NHL game?
  • Over/under six 3-pointers in the second half by Team X?
  • Will there be a fourth-quarter comeback victory?

Keep in mind that many sportsbooks offer live betting as an option, but some have more choices than others. If you find yourself interested in participating in live wagering, make sure you shop around and find the sportsbook that suits you best.

Is live betting better than pregame betting?

Traditional pregame betting is definitely slower-paced, and that appeals to many people. Getting the chance to truly research and do your due diligence on your bets can be extremely rewarding. Some bettors may enjoy being able to take their time rather than diving in and trying to wager while the game is happening.

Those who enjoy live betting usually participate in online wagering, as well, since the two go hand-in-hand.

The simplest answer is that live betting is definitely a different beast compared to traditional wagering. It involves a lot of prop betting, which can be hard to research, especially on the fly. It is fast-paced. And it has constantly shifting odds — you really have to stay on top of the action to have the best experience. For some folks, that’s just not the way they like to bet, and that is completely OK. There is room in the industry for both styles of sports betting.

Where can I live bet on sports?

All online sportsbooks in Ohio are likely to offer some level of live betting. Some may have more options than others, which means you should definitely shop around before making your final decision.

Once you’ve chosen your sportsbook, you’ll need to make an account. As part of the process, you may be able to claim some Ohio sportsbook promos, so look for those options. Once your account is ready, you’ll be able to start betting.

One place you won’t find live betting is in-person sportsbooks. Because of the shifting odds and the immediate action, live betting is not suited to waiting in line to place your bet. Having your phone or computer connected directly to your sportsbook allows you to have instant access to the numbers and bets you want to place. That allows you to be on top of a line shift or when you see the chance for a quick wager.

Live betting is here to stay

The sudden boom in live betting popularity tells us that this wagering option is going to remain a very active part of the online sports betting experience. The growth of sports betting across the United States is only going to continue, which means more and more customers will be participating in live betting. Sportsbooks recognize the potential for some solid income with live betting, which means they’ll continue to offer it for the foreseeable future.