Ohio Adds 24 Sports Betting Kiosk Hosts, Up To 798 Total

Written By Danny Cross on February 3, 2023
Ohio Sports Betting Kiosk

It’s only a matter of time before the total number of Ohio sports betting kiosk locations pushes past 800 — and beyond.

According to the Ohio Lottery’s latest numbers, the betting kiosk market added 24 businesses over the past week, bringing the total number of Ohio kiosk hosts to 798.

Ohio sports betting kiosk market continues to grow

Betting kiosks are a unique aspect of Ohio’s sports betting market. Ohio’s sports betting law included the option for licensed Ohio Lottery retailers to be part of the industry by adding one or two self-service betting kiosks per qualified location. 

Kiosks can be found in a wide variety of Ohio businesses, from bars and restaurants to grocery stores and bowling alleys.

The total number of kiosk hosts last week grew to 774 from its initial list of 771 (six were added and three removed). The Ohio Lottery has now pre-qualified 1,588 businesses to add the kiosks, and over 1,000 have applied for a license through the Ohio Casino Control Commission. 

As those licenses are processed, the Lottery is releasing updated lists of businesses licensed to add kiosks every Friday. 

Here is the current list of 798 businesses:

Download (XLSX, 80KB)

Early kinks have been largely ironed out of Ohio kiosk market

Ohio’s rollout of sports betting kiosks was not without a few hiccups. While some businesses had kiosks delivered, tested and up and running as early as Jan. 1, most did not. 

Kiosk supplier Intralot partnered with the vast majority of Ohio businesses to provide and set up their kiosks. But software issues caused over a month delay for its machines to start taking bets.

Intralot this week told PlayOhio that its kiosks at 620 locations would be working this week after a software update. Another 80-plus locations will need another week or two.

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