BetJACK Sportsbook Cleveland Offers A Top-Notch Experience

Written By Brett Gibbons on February 6, 2023 - Last Updated on February 9, 2023
BetJACK Sportsbook JACK Cleveland

In a sea of similar casino sportsbooks, BetJACK Cleveland swims above the rest.

I have embarked on a grand tour of sportsbooks in Ohio. The Buckeye State finally launched legal sports betting in Ohio at the turn of the year, something this lifelong Clevelander was anticipating heavily. This is the next in an ongoing series of Ohio retail sportsbook reviews.

A little bit of extra care and attentiveness went a long way into making BetJACK a Clevelander’s preferred retail sportsbook. That’s a conclusion the city of Cleveland drew for me, as this bustling book was packed to the brim during a recent visit.

Note: This review is about the physical location rather than the BetJACK Sportsbook Ohio app itself.

BetJACK Cleveland stands out among Ohio sportsbooks

So far, if you’ve seen one sportsbook inside a casino, you’ve seen them all. That’s the general conclusion I’ve drawn early on in my Ohio sportsbook tour.

It makes sense as to why: The books are working with limited space in an already-built structure and there’s no reason to fix what ain’t broke. The general template works from Vegas to Cleveland and everywhere in between.

betJACK Sportsbook JACK Cleveland Casino

But BetJACK Cleveland changed things up. They offer table games inside the book — a move I haven’t seen elsewhere — and the most comfortable chairs at any book yet. The leather chairs offer USB charging ports, ample space, and the ability to recline. At this juncture, you won’t find better seating options.

The ticket window is also striking. Instead of a teller behind glass, the counter offers a tall ceiling and an LED BetJACK sign. In terms of first impressions, BetJACK also stands out from the crowd.

There may also be more screens per square foot on the walls than any other book I’ve seen so far. In total, this is an immersive experience.

The BetJACK space is excellent

The design and execution of this space is top-notch. Clearly the bettor was put first. However, I’ll go on record as saying that I’m not a fan of sportsbooks inside casinos.

OK — I know that’s a “me problem” and the overwhelming majority of Ohio sportsbooks are located in casinos. But I much prefer the others so far. Books outside casinos cut down on obnoxious bettors and over-served patrons. In my visits to both BetJACK and MGM Northfield, obnoxious and over-served patrons were plentiful.

My couple other gripes are minor. One, service wasn’t excellent here; we didn’t once see a server offer drink orders like every other book has, although a couple bartenders were floating around, seemingly uninterested in doing their job. The other minor gripe is that the bar you can go to is less convenient than at other places.

Maybe I’m turning into a snob, but some of these things could be improved.

But overall, BetJACK Cleveland offers everything a bettor wants. So far, it offers the best space. It offers the most variety. There are few better options in the state of Ohio than BetJACK’s retail sportsbook inside JACK Cleveland Casino.

Be on the lookout for more PlayOhio sportsbook reviews from Akron, Cleveland, Columbus, and more.

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