These Are The 5 Best Same Game Parlay Platforms In Ohio

Written By C.J. Pierre on October 6, 2023
Sportsbook logos overlaid over increasing steps, indicating the rankings of their same game parlay platforms in Ohio.

We are almost a quarter of the way through the NFL season.

And for the Ohio sports betting market, it’s the first full season for bettors. As a result, it’s the first time Ohioans can create NFL same game parlays, one of the more popular wagers to make among new gamblers.

A parlay bet is a wager that requires multiple outcomes to be correct for a bettor to win. These bets have a larger-than-normal payout since they require multiple legs of a bet to be correct. A same game parlay is a parlay where all the legs come from one sporting event.

These bets are becoming one of the most popular trends in the betting world. Additionally, several Ohio sportsbook promos require bettors to place these bets to receive the bonus. PlayOhio scanned the options ahead of Week 4 of the NFL season and ranked which sportsbooks had the best platform for same game parlays.

1. FanDuel

When you log into FanDuel Sportsbook Ohio, the parlay builder is one of the first things you see.

Thus, it’s not a coincidence FanDuel sports the second-highest hold percentage in Ohio at 16.4%. Even though these bets are popular, the necessity of winning multiple legs results in a lower percentage of winning tickets.

Ahead of an NFL Sunday, FanDuel will show you some of the most popular parlays that have already been bet on. Plus, there is a consistent promotion with the help of several FanDuel ambassadors, like Kay Adams, making their parlay picks on network television.

FanDuel offers several profit boosts on same game parlays, making them attractive. My favorite thing about it is how the site allows you to track the progress of your prop bets. So, if you make a parlay using someone going over a certain number of passing yards, you will see how close that bet is to hitting on your bet slip.

Lastly, the “Sunday Funday” profit boost that lets you get a 30% increase on your winnings if a same game parlay of at least three legs hits. With the addition of how simple it is to put a parlay together on the site, this should be the go-to for Ohio sports bettors.

2. Caesars Sportsbook

This may shock some, but Caesars Sportsbook Ohio is an excellent option for same game parlays. The reason is that Caesars makes it incredibly easy for customers.

The first thing to point to is the ‘Quick Picks’ on Caesars sports betting page. The site lists numerous same game parlays with a catchy title. You can also clearly see the props and odds you are getting. Caesars also does the smart thing of showing you how much you’d win with a $20 bet. All of that important information is placed in a box that is easy to see and read. You have to make one click, and boom.

There are also several simple same game parlays under the ”Boosts” tab. While almost every sportsbook does something similar to this, the thing that sets Caesars apart is that they have so many boosts to choose from. This week, there was a nice boost on a Jerome Ford over 69.5 rush yards and anytime TD parlay. Unfortunately, for fans of the Cleveland Browns, that bet didn’t hit. However, there are plenty of options just like that available every single week.

3. Bet365

Another potential surprise in my top three. Bet365 Sportsbook Ohio is a solid option to use for same game parlays. Putting them together on your own is simple. But it’s the way they are helping customers out that does the trick.

Like Caesars, Bet365 has boxes of suggested same game parlays near the top of the homepage. However, Bet365 has multiple suggested paralys for every single game. You will see some on the homepage and more when you click on each game.

The kicker to that is all of those suggested same game parlay have bet boosts attached to them. However, those boosts are small, oftentimes hovering around the 10% range. It is still nice to have available, particularly for those looking for several options.

4. DraftKings

DraftKings Sportsbook Ohio recently took over the top spot for monthly handle from rival FanDuel. But the Boston-based gaming giant is fourth-best for this bet.

That’s not saying DraftKings is bad for same game parlays. It just doesn’t appear to be the operator’s primary focus. There are several nods to parlay betting across multiple games, but we are looking for good ‘same game parlay’ options. DraftKings offers a 25% boost for any NFL Sunday bet. However, that is not exclusive to same game parlays.

DraftKings does offer ‘quick same game parlays,’ so finding one or putting one together isn’t hard. But you have to click around to find out if you can attach a profit boost to it. Overall, DraftKings isn’t bad for same game parlays. It’s just not one of my first three choices.

5. BetMGM

Similarly to DraftKings, there isn’t anything particularly bad with same game parlay betting at BetMGM Sportsbook Ohio. There just isn’t much to rave about.

You will sometimes have a 50% profit boost token that can be used on a same game parlay. However, you can only use it for one bet that week. Furthermore, you aren’t guaranteed to get more of those tokens down the line.

The parlay builder is a nice tool to use. But almost every other Ohio sports betting site has something like that. The BetMGM site is aesthetically pleasing and uses different pictures to attract a user’s eyes. Unfortunately, the site rarely draws you into making one of these bets.

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