Ohio Sports Betting Application Window Opens For Kiosk Hosts

Written By Danny Cross on July 15, 2022 - Last Updated on September 27, 2022

One application window down, one to go.

The second Ohio sports betting license application window is now open, meaning businesses that want to host sports betting kiosks in Ohio can formally apply.

Service providers that want to establish a second partnership with an operator may also apply now.

A wide variety of Ohio businesses will add sports betting kiosks, including bars, restaurants, bowling alleys, golf courses, hotels, convenience stores, truck stops and supermarkets.

As of Aug. 19, the Ohio Lottery had pre-approved 1,303 businesses in the state to host a sports betting kiosk.

Second Ohio sports betting application window opens

To launch sports betting on Ohio’s universal start date of Jan. 1, 2023, businesses must apply for kiosk licenses during the July 15-Aug. 15 window.

Bars, restaurants and other businesses that operate Ohio Lottery terminals are eligible to apply to host a sports betting kiosk in Ohio.

To qualify for a license, companies must:

  • Be a licensed lottery sales agent.
  • Hold a Type D1 (beer only), D2 (wine and mixed drinks only) or D5 (full bar) liquor permit.
  • Be a for-profit corporation or association.
  • Pay a non-refundable $1,000 application fee to the Ohio Casino Control Commission.
  • Select a licensed Type C Sports Gaming Proprietor partner.

The business hosting the kiosk will need to partner with a kiosk operator, which will install equipment, train staff and provide ongoing equipment maintenance and service, along with marketing and customer service. The operator may provide up to two sports betting kiosks per location.

The host and operator will work in tandem but have distinct responsibilities. Hosts must follow certain rules about where to place kiosks and display responsible gambling materials.

For payouts, the host business is responsible for paying out prizes up to $599, while the operator will handle payouts of $600 or greater.

Kiosks won’t have all betting options

Kiosks won’t offer the same betting options bettors will find at retail and online sportsbooks.

For instance, proposition and in-game wagers will not be available on sports betting kiosks.

Kiosks will be limited to traditional betting options:

  • Spread wagers: A bet on the outcome of a game against odds designed to level the playing field.
  • Over-under wagers: A bet on whether the game score will be higher or lower than projected.
  • Moneyline wagers: A straight-up bet without any point spread where bettors predict the outright winner.
  • Parlays: A single bet on two to four outcomes. Each side must win to produce a winning ticket.

In addition, bettors may only wager up to $700 each calendar week across all Ohio sports betting kiosks.

Ohio Lottery pre-qualifies betting kiosk hosts

The Ohio Lottery has been contacting bars and restaurants that might be eligible for a sports gaming host license over the past month.

As of Aug. 12, the Lottery has prequalified 1,254 applicants. Those businesses must now apply for their license from the Ohio Casino Control Commission by Aug. 15.

The July 15-Aug. 15 window is for businesses that want to launch on Ohio’s universal start date. Businesses may apply after the window closes, but they will not be guaranteed to be licensed by Jan. 1, 2023.

First application window for Ohio sportsbooks closes

Ohio’s first sports betting application window closed on July 15. All online sportsbooks, retail sportsbooks and operators of betting terminals had to submit applications by July 15 in order to be considered in time for the universal start date of Jan. 1, 2023.

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