Ohio Passes Fourth Batch of Sports Gaming Rules

Written By Danny Cross on April 21, 2022 - Last Updated on July 19, 2022
Ohio Passes Fourth Batch of Sports Gaming Rules

The Ohio Casino Control Commission continues to formalize Ohio sports gaming rules ahead of legalized sports betting coming to the state by Jan. 1, 2023.

The commission this week passed a fourth batch of rules. These govern supplier and employee licensing, house rules and gaming facility security and surveillance requirements.

What’s in the Ohio Casino Control Commission’s fourth batch of rules

The commission will require sports gaming employees and suppliers of gaming-related equipment or services apply for a license. Individuals in positions of authority will be subjected to a more thorough review. 

The state set the parameters for establishing and making available “house rules” for all gaming proprietors. These include the types of wagers accepted, how winnings are calculated, how wagers may be funded, and methods of redeeming winnings. Proprietors must submit house rules to the commission, though they may set their own house rules within the state’s parameters. 

The fourth batch of rules require each gaming proprietor in Ohio to use location-based technology to ensure all users are located within the state. They also require proprietors to only use approved gaming equipment that satisfies the state’s security, monitoring, and integrity provisions. Gaming operators will submit a list of all equipment to the commission. 

Ohio gaming proprietors will utilize surveillance systems and allow the commission to have remote access to the systems. All surveillance will be kept for a minimum of 14 days, with suspected criminal violations will be kept for at least 90 days. 

Additional rules cover cashiering activities and restrictions on who may engage in sports gaming. Anyone placing a wager over $1,000 must register with the gaming facility in order to minimize the risk of criminal activity. 

Third batch of Ohio gaming rules released earlier this month

The Ohio Casino Control Commission appears to be making quick progress on rules governing sports gaming in Ohio. The commission just released its third batch of rules earlier this month.

Those rules governed the sports gaming involuntary exclusion list and the process and fees associated with acquiring licenses.

The rules require gaming proprietors to notify the commission if anyone on the involuntary exclusion list enters their facility. The commission also folded the sports gaming voluntary exclusion program in with programs used by casinos and other gaming facilities.

In a separate filing, the Ohio Casino Control Commission passed rules for certifying integrity monitors in sports gaming. Independent integrity monitors will observe gaming activity to identify unusual betting patterns and notify appropriate parties of any suspicious activity.

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