Q&A: How Gabb Goudy Went From Chemistry Lab To Ohio Sports Betting Influencer

Written By Matt Schoch on July 14, 2022 - Last Updated on July 21, 2023
Gabb Goudy FanDuel Cleveland Sports Betting

With less than six months until regulated sports betting in Ohio, few are as well-positioned as Gabb Goudy to speak on it.

Not too bad for a young woman who was working in an aerospace chemical lab just a couple of years ago.

These days, the Ohio sports betting super-influencer is counting down the months until Jan. 1 when her home state joins many others with legalized sports betting. With more than 50,000 Twitter followers, another 25,000 on Instagram and a cool 84,000 on TikTok, Goudy has all the clout you could want. Plus, she’s a FanDuel Sportsbook spokesperson to boot.

Now, if she could just bet on her Cleveland Cavaliers legally. That’s just a few months away, though…

PlayOhio interviewed Goudy about how she got her position of internet sports fame, the current status of her beloved Cleveland sports teams, and where the Ohio sports betting industry is going.

Gabb Goudy’s sporting background

PlayOhio: You played college softball, right? Can you tell us about your athletic career?

Gabb Goudy: I played sports my entire life. Starting with T-ball and playing softball all the way to a collegiate level — from travel ball to high school I did it all. I was a OHAA scholarship recipient. I also cheered, played basketball, and ran cross country growing up.

PlayOhio: What about the non-sports background? Are you still working in chemistry? Can you give us the background story there?

GG: I graduated with a biochemistry degree. I thought I wanted to go to optometry school and pursue a career as an eye doctor, but I soon realized that I did not like blood and I did not want to touch people LOL so I had to figure out something else. I found a green chemistry graduate program and applied for that. I attend graduate school for sustainability/green chemistry. After that I worked in an aerospace chemical lab in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Gabb Goudy, Ohio Sports Betting Influencer

PlayOhio: Have you always lived in Ohio? Hometown/college, etc?

GG:  I grew up in Ohio, yes! Majority of the time in southeast Ohio. I attended Bethany College and Chatham University. I spent a few years in school/working in Pittsburgh. Being a Browns fan in Pittsburgh was a lot LOL

PlayOhio: How did you get your start as a content creator? How did you get matched up with FanDuel?

GG: I started posting about sports in my spare time. I have always been a delusional Cleveland sports fan, So I started to put my fandom into words/videos for the world to see. Then I attend a browns scrimmage, and it was the first time Odell (Beckham, Jr.) was in full uniform with the fans. I took a photo of him on the sideline and said things I will never get tired of seeing — he retweeted it and it blew up! I got a lot of followers that day! My friends told me after that to start putting out more content. People started following me and eventually, companies started reaching out and started asking if ever thought about making a career out of this. I said, “Not really,” because I had imposter syndrome from being a scientist, but then I finally made the jump. I set up a call with the companies and decided that FanDuel is the best place for me. It has been amazing ever since.

How the “Unsportsmanlike Podcast” came to be

PlayOhio: How/when did the show get started, and how did you get matched up with Brianna?

GG: “Unsportsmanlike Conduct” started in August of 2021… so it’s almost a year old!

We have followed each other for a while and my boss was talking about her joining the FanDuel team. He had us try out a few live streams together and it’s been a match ever since!

PlayOhio: You guys talk a lot about the culture surrounding sports on the show. How do you describe the show to someone who has never listened to it (or watched it)?

GG: “Unsportsmanlike Conduct” is just what the name says. It is an unfiltered look into the sports world. We aren’t here to wow you with the stats (while we will provide them to prove someone wrong). We are here to have a good time and make you laugh. From NFL to MLB to NBA or anything in between, we will give our biased and unbiased opinion on all topics. We don’t just cover the on-field play, we will talk about what is going on outside the playing field as well.

PlayOhio: Who is your dream guest on the podcast?

GG: Oof, probably LeBron James. But I think O would be too nervous to even speak — he is my favorite athlete of all time.

PlayOhio: How jealous is Brianna going to be after FanDuel Sportsbook launches in Ohio in a few months while Massachusetts will likely still be waiting?

GG: Right… we both have been waiting FOREVER LOL

How is Gabb Goudy feeling about Cleveland sports?

PlayOhio: You’re on the ground in Cleveland. How is the city accepting the controversial Deshaun Watson trade? How do you feel about it?

GG: I think the fan base is like 60/40… more in favor of it i would say. It’s a lot to process, though. The NFL is and probably will always be an uncomfortable place for women in the fandom, which is very unfortunate. Deshaun Watson is a top-five QB, but at what cost does that leave your community and fandom? They say winning cures all things, but this is a different territory. Thinking of all those who have been victims of sexual assault during this.

PlayOhio: FanDuel has the Browns over/under win total “off the board” as the Watson situation gets settled. But Cleveland is still +250 to win the AFC North. What do you think about those odds?

GG: I think that is pretty fair for them. Every single team was in the running to win the North going into the last two weeks of the season. The Ravens finished last, but they returned healthy. I think the Bengals are OK but won’t make the run they had last season. I think the Ravens will ultimately win the division. Depending on the number of games for Deshaun, I could see a toss-up between the Browns and Bengals fighting for a wild card spot.

PlayOhio: What about the Bengals’ win total at 9.5 (FanDuel)? After going to the Super Bowl last year, do you think Cincy is a good over bet or would you lean under?

Gabb Goudy Terrell Owens

GG: It is perfect for them. I am a bitter Browns fan so I want to say under. They also have a very difficult back half of their schedule so that will be very interesting to see. There won’t be a lot of rest towards the end of the season for them, and they might run into some trouble with that. I don’t see them putting it on the Ravens like they did last year. The Browns will be without their Bengals kryptonite (Baker LOL), so that will be interesting to see.

PlayOhio: There’s a lot of young talent in Cleveland between the Browns, Guardians and Cavs. Who do you think has the best chance to bring the city a title next?

GG: Though they may be drama-filled, I think the Browns have the best chance. A title in Cleveland seems pretty far out for all, though. The Cavs and Guardians are both young and fun, but they are both missing some pieces. The Browns have the most put-together roster to achieve this if Deshaun Watson is allowed to play.

PlayOhio: Do the Guardians have the staying power to make some noise the rest of this season?

GG: Oof, if I asked this last week I would have said yes, but we need some additions. Our bullpen needs some work, and the young guys need to keep showing up. I would love to see some of the Clippers guys get a call up because they are all showing promise, but who is to say they will make the leap needed to contribute. We have been pretty lackluster the last three series and need the break badly. Injury-ridden and can’t stay healthy is always hurting us. The AL Central is relatively weak, so that helps us in the long run. I am not counting them out yet but we need to keep up with the Twins.

PlayOhio: You said earlier this year on Twitter: “if you think MJ is better than LeBron we can’t date” … make your case why Akron’s guy is the GOAT.

GG: LeBron is the best athlete of all time. Jordan is a fraud and didn’t play against the competition we see today. LeBron clears him in all categories except rings.

How big will sports betting in Ohio be?

PlayOhio: How ready are Ohio sports betting fans for the launch in a few months?

GG: Oh, they have been ready. Should have happened sooner!!!

PlayOhio: Who do you think Ohio fans will be wagering on more: the Browns or the Bengals?

GG: Tbh probably Ohio State lol

But I would go Browns — we have the larger fanbase and everyone always talks about the Browns.

PlayOhio: With Ohio State being so big throughout the state, do you think college football betting in Ohio will have a chance to approach the huge numbers put up by the NFL across the country?

GG: Absolutely!!! Buckeye fans are some of the craziest in the world. They ride or die with this team. They are always the fan favorite.

PlayOhio: Do you think women in Ohio will be betting more than women across the country? Why?

GG: I feel like Ohio will definitely provide many women in the betting space. Each Ohio team has a larger female following. That would be awesome to see.

PlayOhio: Is there anything else you see as potential hot topics folks will be talking about after legal sports betting in Ohio launches on Jan. 1?

GG: College playoffs — college bowl games! It’ll be a crazy day.

PlayOhio: What’s the first thing you’ll bet on at FanDuel after the Jan. 1 Ohio launch?

GG: Cavs to make the playoffs 🙂

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