Ohio’s Newest Online Sportsbook, Bally Bet, Has A Lot To Like

Written By Brian Cross on September 5, 2023
Bally Bet Ohio Review

Ohio was an already crowded market. Yet another online sportsbook just went live in the Buckeye State.

At the end of last month, Bally Bet joined the 18 other options in the Ohio sports betting industry.

The Bally Bet app, previously operating in six other states, suspended operation in five states before being retooled and re-launched. The app now uses a platform created by technology provider Kambi to keep the app running smoothly for users.

However, Ohio is a new state for Bally Bet. We checked out the new Bally Bet Ohio app for a few days and were impressed despite a few drawbacks.

No new user promo for Ohio’s newest sportsbook app

Unfortunately, this review has to start with a gripe. Bally Bet didn’t implement a new user bonus. Usually, Ohio sportsbook promotions include a new user bonus. For example, some provide a “bonus bet” balance to customers who deposit. With Bally Bet, there’s no special incentive to sign up.

Signing up for the app was a quick and simple process. It required my full name, address, date of birth, driver’s license number and the last four digits of my social security number to verify my identity.

Surprisingly, my banking information was already populated in the app. That was somewhat concerning but also quite convenient. I assume that verifying my identity in the previous steps allowed the app to interface with the service I used to add my bank account to other sportsbook apps.

The Bally Bet interface and menus are similar to most other sportsbook apps– no big surprises. However, it sports a clean look with easy-to-read options and large buttons. The app is quick and responsive, with no stutters or hang-ups when navigating from menu to menu.

Bally Bet needs better boosts

Featured links appear near the top of the main screen as large blocks for certain categories. For example, there were Live Events, Bally Boosts, NFL Championship Futures and Ohio Hometown Action links.

I wanted to check out what promotional odds boosts were available. But tapping the Bally Boosts link brought up an empty list several times. Finally, on the Tuesday leading up to the first NFL game, there were two boosts listed.

The “Mighty Mahomes Boost” was a 15% odds boost on a risky parlay for Mahomes to record 375+ passing yards and 3+ passing touchdowns in Thursday’s game vs. the Lions (+500 boosted to +575). I didn’t find the offer enticing enough to indulge.

The other boost was less than 15% on a parlay requiring no runs scored in the first inning of two MLB games. It’s a more reasonable bet but not one I would usually make. I passed on that boost, too.

Other than the Bally Boosts list, there were no other promotions advertised and no “promos” menu like some other apps have. I saw no mention of “no sweat bets” or bonus bets of any kind.

Betting options and app features

The new Bally Bet offers all the lines and player props you might expect to see, in addition to game combos and game props. Same-game parlays are easy to build by making multiple selections on a single bet slip. I didn’t run into any error messages saying, “These selections cannot be combined into a same game parlay,” as I have on other apps.

Alternate point spread and total points options are available right under the listed lines in a drop-down menu, or you can move a slider left or right to adjust the point spread or total to your liking. Of course, the odds also change, so make sure you’re happy with your potential payout as well as the line you choose.

Bally Bet is missing another feature I like: the ability to track your same game parlays during a live game. The app doesn’t show the progress of individual legs of your parlay. Not all sportsbook apps have that feature, so it’s not a deal breaker.

“Pre-packs” are a bright spot in the new app’s offerings. Also known as pre-built parlays, they’re an easy way to make a low-risk, high-reward bet without taking a lot of time to shop around the various options and lines to build your parlay.

Bally Bet offers 25 different same-game pre-packs for the first NFL game of the season, on Sept. 7. For comparison, FanDuel offers 14 “Quick SGP” options for that game.

The pre-built parlays range from simple lower-odds bets to long-shots with high payout potential. The additional options offered by Bally Bet might steer me toward the app if I want to place a last-minute bet and don’t have time to scroll through multiple screens to build a parlay from scratch.

The verdict on Bally Bet’s new Ohio sportsbook

Overall, the new Bally Bet offers a lot to like. The menus are simple and easy to navigate. As a result, it’s easy to build parlays and makes for a smooth and easy user experience. An app that works every time without hiccups can seem hard to come by. Bally Bet is quick and works well.

Regarding betting and functionality, you won’t be missing anything that other apps have. Some additional promos and better odds boosts would improve the experience. But those are issues that Bally can improve along the way. I won’t count them out just yet.

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