Maryland Online Sports Betting Finally Arrives, Ohio Is Up Next

Written By Jake Garza on November 23, 2022
Ohio is the next US state to begin legal sports betting in the US

Maryland online sports betting is officially underway, giving Ohio gamblers a glimpse into their upcoming future.

Nov. 23 was the start date for online sportsbooks in the state. Maryland made it just in time for some Thanksgiving football action.

The Buckeye State, on the other hand, has just a little bit longer until its new industry’s first day. Ohio sports betting will be up and running on Jan. 1, 2023, so gamblers barely even have a month left to wait.

That puts Ohio right in the middle of the list when it comes to new gambling states in the US.

Maryland beats Ohio to the launch pad

Gamblers in Maryland have been waiting patiently for the start of online sports betting in the state.

Residents have been able to place bets in person for almost a year now, but the internet side of the business was lagging behind. Regulators inched things along at a snail’s pace.

That finally came to an end today with Maryland’s online apps finally able to start taking bets. It’s been over two years since the state legalized sports betting, so this is long overdue.

If Ohio gamblers are feeling a little jealous today, then no one would blame them. Sports betting is a little over a month away right now, just outside of the state’s grasp.

Ohio sports betting nearly here

New Year’s Day can’t come soon enough for Ohio residents. When the clock strikes midnight to ring in 2023, gamblers in the state can immediately start betting on sports.

Ohio gamblers will eventually have access to over two dozen online sportsbooks. That’s in addition to sports betting at the state’s casinos, plus hundreds of kiosks around the state.

Many of the state’s future online betting apps already have sports betting deals available. Starting off with a nice bankroll gives Ohio gamblers plenty to look forward to in January.

Ohio didn’t beat Maryland to the sports betting finish line, but at least the state’s new industry will be taking bets before Massachusetts.

Massachusetts isn’t far behind

Massachusetts is at the back of the line when it comes to imminent sports betting states, but that doesn’t mean that gamblers in the state will have to wait for long.

Sports betting will start in the Commonwealth sometime in early 2023, but it’s hard to know exactly when. Regulators are still working out the final details as far as the timeline goes.

Regardless of when sports betting begins for Massachusetts, it’s exciting to be a part of the next wave of US sports betting states. Residents in Maryland and Ohio are in the same boat in that regard.

Gamblers in these states have had to sit back and watch many of their neighbors enjoy legal gambling for the past few years.

The ball is finally rolling for these new markets, and gamblers in Maryland, Ohio and Massachusetts will get to reap the benefits for years to come.

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