Ohio Takes $850,000 In Bets At Sports Betting Kiosks In January

Written By Danny Cross on February 21, 2023

Ohio’s sports betting kiosk market got off to a slow start but still managed to take in an impressive $850,000 in bets in January.

The Ohio sports betting market kicked off on Jan. 1. The betting kiosks were gradually disbursed and activated at Ohio bars, restaurants and other businesses throughout the month due to delays caused by technological issues.

A total of 772 businesses were licensed to add sports betting kiosks on Jan. 1, and that number has continued to grow.

Ohio sports betting kiosk revenue tops $100,000

In January, Ohio sports betting proprietors took in $87,664 in revenue. The Ohio Lottery, which licenses the kiosk market and collects/disburses revenue, brought in $28,376.

The majority of kiosk revenue goes to the sports betting proprietors — the businesses that install and operate the kiosks. Those companies compensate the host businesses — the bars, restaurants and other businesses where you find kiosks — in various arrangements including percentage of revenue or a flat rate.

The total handle for Ohio sports betting kiosks in January was $850,336. Prizes totaled $772,376.

HandlePrizesGross Revenue
Proprietor Share
Lottery Share
January 2023$850,336$722,376$116,040$87,664$28,376

Kiosk betting got off to a slow start in Ohio

The first month of kiosk betting in Ohio was somewhat frustrating for the host businesses.

The biggest distributor of betting kiosks, Intralot, was not able to install and operate most of its kiosks until around Feb. 1. Intralot had agreements with 700 of the 772 initial host locations.

That left most businesses with no kiosks — or inoperable machines — until late in the month. The businesses were still able to take bets through a QR-code system, but many reported frustration with the process after advertising to their customers that they would add betting kiosks on Jan. 1.

Intralot attributed some of the delays to necessary software updates.

Total number of kiosk host locations continues to grow

The Lottery releases an updated list of businesses licensed to add kiosks every Friday.

On Feb. 17, that number had grown to 861. That figure is expected to continue climbing.

The Lottery has pre-approved over 1,5000 businesses, but each must still apply through the Ohio Casino Control Commission. The OCCC has approved over 1,100 to date.

Only four of the seven licensed kiosk proprietors currently have partnerships and are supplying kiosks:

  • Intralot (729 businesses)
  • Gold Rush Amusements (51)
  • betIGG (50)
  • Ubet (31)

Elys Game TechnologyBetSkybox and J&J Ventures are all licensed to supply kiosks but do not have any partnerships listed.

Here’s the complete list of Ohio sports betting kiosk host locations as of Feb. 17:

Download (XLSX, 84KB)

Columbus, Cincinnati lead Ohio cities in kiosk locations

Columbus and Cincinnati have been neck-and-neck when it comes to total kiosk host locations. Back on Jan. 1, Columbus had 47 licensed businesses compared to Cincinnati’s 44. Those numbers are now 65 and 51, respectively.

Each location is allowed to install up to two betting kiosks.

Total betting kiosk locations by city:

  • Akron: 40 locations
  • Brunswick: 8 locations
  • Canton and North Canton: 21 locations
  • Cincinnati: 51 locations
  • Cleveland: 37 locations
  • Columbus: 65 locations
  • Dayton: 21 locations
  • Parma and Parma Heights: 31 locations
  • Toledo: 29 locations
  • Youngstown: 13 locations
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