My Ohio Experience With The New-And-Improved BetMGM Sportsbook

Written By Brian Cross on September 15, 2023
BetMGM sportsbook next generation launch

BetMGM just updated its sports betting app before the new NFL season. And if you weren’t already aware of it, you might not have noticed.

Among the improvements to the app, BetMGM touts “enhanced wagering functionality,” “seamless nationwide experience,” and “elevated first bet offers.” After a hiatus from the BetMGM app over the past couple of months, I dove back in to check out the updates.

The sportsbook was already one of the most popular in the Ohio online sports betting market. Bettors in the Buckeye State will likely be pleased with the changes made to the BetMGM Ohio app.

Updates put BetMGM Sportsbook on par with more popular apps

Right off the bat, logging in is more seamless than before. With Face ID on iPhone, login is almost immediate when opening the app. A black screen shows the BetMGM logo, and with a quick face ID check, you’re in.

Otherwise, you might not notice anything different immediately, as the interface looks the same as the previous app version.

But let’s get into the new features. The three main features BetMGM has introduced are nothing new for sportsbook apps, but they do make the BetMGM app more appealing.

Enhanced wagering functionality

BetMGM now offers a new Same-Game Parlay+ feature. Not for the faint of heart, an SGP+ combines the same game parlays from different games into one bet, thus creating a kind of super parlay. The resulting parlay will have exponentially increased odds but will generally be even more rare to win than a typical SGP.

Combining two SGPs is very easy. Just add two different SGPs to your bet slip, then view the bet slip and select the “Parlay” tab at the top. Your two bets will display as a combined SGP+ with increased odds.

Elevated first bet offers

BetMGM is now offering new user bonuses that rival the best offers from other apps. New users can choose between two options. One is to receive a bonus bet equal to the stake of their first bet, if that bet loses. The maximum bonus bet reward for that option is $1,500. The other option is to receive $200 in bonus bets instantly upon placing a $10 wager on any football game.

I’m partial to the $200 for $10 offer, as I wager smaller amounts anyway. I wouldn’t wager more than $200 in order to get a higher potential reward in bonus bets. Plus the $200 in bonus bets is guaranteed and you receive it immediately.

Travel Seamlessly

BetMGM says they’ve streamlined the experience for users who travel between different states, saying, “all login and cash balance details will be seamless within approved markets.” Being an Ohioan temporarily in Indiana, I tested the “seamless” multi-state app usage. While in Indiana, the app still showed my state as Ohio and would not allow me to place wagers. So far, it’s not seamless.

A slightly frustrating live chat with BetMGM customer service through the app clarified how to change my state manually. It’s a simple solution, but I wouldn’t call it seamless. Other apps I’ve used between both states have a pop-up an alert and ask if you’d like to switch to the current state– one tap from your bet slip, and you’re back in action.

On top of the multi-state hassle, I lost the promotional $10 bonus bet I was trying to use when I switched the app to Indiana. Perhaps that promotion wasn’t offered in Indiana, but that’s another point in the “not seamless” column.

Funding your BetMGM Sportsbook account

BetMGM Sportsbook connects to your bank account using Trustly. I had to reconnect my bank account to the app after reinstalling it after the update. As long as you know your username and password for your own online banking site or app, connecting the sportsbook to your bank account is a breeze.

Other options for funding and withdrawing from your BetMGM account are PayPal, Skrill, BetMGM Play+ card, cash (at a BetMGM sportsbook location), wire transfer and check.

Two things to hate about the new BetMGM Sportsbook app

An odd thing I noticed when building a same-game parlay is that the odds aren’t shown on individual options on the menu (this applies to the same-game parlay menu only).

You don’t see any odds until you add two selections to your bet slip. Adding legs to your parlay obviously changes the odds, so your odds aren’t set in stone until you’re finished. But seeing odds on the individual selections can guide your betting decisions, and give you a clue as to how the selection will affect the overall odds.

I can think of no good reason not to show odds on parlay options. But I can suddenly think of one good reason not to use this app.

Another gripe I’ve had with BetMGM is that the app pre-fills your wager amount or “stake” with a $50 wager, requiring you to delete it before entering the wager amount you want. It’s downright annoying, takes extra time and could cause you to place a larger bet than you intended if you’re moving quickly.

It’s mostly good

It’s not all bad, though. BetMGM Sportsbook has finally caught up to modern sportsbook apps. It also seems to be smoother and more responsive than before, with no glitches or hang-ups so far.

If you haven’t signed up for BetMGM yet and are shopping around for a sportsbook app, the $200 for $10 new user promo is reason enough to try it out. You can do everything with BetMGM on other sportsbook apps, all in an easy-to-use app with clean and clear menus.

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