Super Bowl Betting Odds

The Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns may be out of Super Bowl contention, but the game is fast approaching. Here is everything you need to know about Super Bowl betting in Ohio, plus updated Super Bowl odds directly from legal sportsbooks.

Latest odds for Super Bowl 58

Our live odds feed pulls together the latest data from the best sportsbooks, so you can find the best Super Bowl odds at any given time. Click on any odds to claim the bonus offer. Then, just follow along to register an account and place your bets.

What is the moneyline?

This is the bet where you make the call on who you think will win the Super Bowl straight up. The moneyline is one of the featured pregame bets at any sportsbook. Moneyline betting odds will be listed on both sides and quickly point you to the favorite and underdog in the matchup. Check out this potential example from FanDuel Ohio sportsbook:

  • Dallas Cowboys +120
  • Cleveland Browns -140

The direction of the numbers is key: negative for favorites and positive for underdogs. If the numbers are close, oddsmakers expect a tight game. A big span between the odds points to a potential mismatch, at least on paper.

When the actual Super Bowl matchup is set, check the odds feed above for the latest Super Bowl moneyline odds in the two weeks leading up to the game.

What is the point spread?

In the run-up to the Big Game, there will be plenty of chatter about the spread. This is a number set by sportsbooks that has to be accounted for with your wager. You can pick the favorite minus the points (to cover) or go with the dog plus the number. For example, a spread bet for the Bengals vs. Packers may be presented like this at DraftKings Ohio sportsbook:

  • Green Bay Packers -2.5 (-110)
  • Cincinnati Bengals +2.5 (-110)

In addition to the spread, you’ll see odds for the two possible choices. For your bet to be a winner, your choice has to cover the listed number. In the above example, the Packers would have to win by at least 3 to cover the spread. That added wrinkle can give you even more to root for on Super Bowl Sunday.

See the odds feed above for the latest Super Bowl spread when the two teams have been decided after the Conference Championships.

What is the over/under?

This bet is all about total points between the two teams. Oddsmakers set the bar, and bettors then get to pick Over or Under that amount. As with the spread, you’ll see the listed number plus the payout odds you’ll get for placing the bet. Here is what a spread bet offering may look like at Unibet Ohio sportsbook:

Cleveland Browns vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Over/Under

  • Over 51.5 (-110)
  • Under 51.5 (-110)

For our example, an Over bettor expects 52 points or more to be scored, while those who wager on the Under want to see 51 points or fewer on the board. Also known as totals betting, this is one of the big three pregame bets along with the moneyline and spread.

See above for the latest totals lines when the teams have been set.

Super Bowl prop bets

For the average NFL game, there are plenty of prop bets to consider. In advance of Super Bowl Sunday, legal NFL betting sites in Ohio ramp things up considerably and will release hundreds of Super Bowl props.

Standard props revolve around the game itself, how the teams will perform and what the individual players may or may not do. On the game side, examples include whether overtime will be needed. For teams and players, you might see things like this at BetMGM Sportsbook in Ohio.

  • Total TDs for Joe Burrow—Over/Under 2.5?
  • Who will have more rushing yards—Bengals or Bears?
  • Which player will score the first TD in the game?

For the above two examples, you’ll see odds attached to both choices. It’ll look something like a moneyline bet. On the last one, it’ll be like what you would see in the futures market with odds available for a wide range of choices.

There are plenty of props revolving around the happenings on the field, as well as a bunch of the off-the-field variety, which have plenty of entertainment value. Examples include the winning coin toss. You’ll also see crossovers that tie into the day’s other sporting events.

One important note to keep in mind: it’s not the Wild West of betting. There are limits to what’s allowed in Ohio, including betting on the national anthem duration. You’ll see similar offers at all the legal sportsbooks. If you come across something that you know isn’t allowed, you’re not using an officially licensed and legal online sportsbook.

Best odds boosts & sportsbook promotions

The Super Bowl is always going to bring in immense betting volume, but sportsbooks still do their best to ramp up the excitement for fans. Beyond the abundance of game props, keep your eyes peeled for special promos, such as:

  • Odds boosts: Enhanced returns on pregame bets and select props.
  • Special props and parlays: Featured combos released by the sportsbooks.
  • Bet insurance: A refund up to a certain amount on select bet types.

When budgeting for the Super Bowl, keep in mind that there may be some special promos that you want to take advantage of. If you keep some of your funds separate for that, then you’ll be ready to pounce when they pop up.

What is the alternate line?

Many sportsbooks offer alternate lines on spreads and totals. You’ll see various ticks of difference on both numbers with the odds adjusted accordingly. If the Los Angeles Rams were 3.5-point favorites over the Cincinnati Bengals, you might see an option such as this at BetRivers Ohio sportsbook, for example:

  • Bengals +4 (-120)
  • Rams -4 (+105)

Gambling on alternate lines brings even more of a strategy component to Super Bowl betting. Naturally, you’ll want to have an outstanding read on the game to take your chances, but there can be really good value if you have a great feel on what’s to come.

Super Bowl parlays

On the average NFL Sunday, parlay bets are incredibly popular. You can also use them on standalone contests, an area which continues to grow in popularity. As an example, you can tie together the winning side, a pick on the total, plus a favorite prop. Check out this hypothetical:

Cleveland Browns vs. San Francisco 49ers

  • Browns moneyline +128
  • Over 49.5 points -110
  • Nick Chubb to win MVP +120
  • Total parlay odds: +857

Parlay bets can be very lucrative, but that comes with the caveat that you have to be correct on all choices to win. If you miss just one, the parlay is a loser. Be on the lookout for Super Bowl promos like parlay insurance and early cashout options to help mitigate the risk.

  • Parlay insurance: Get your bet stake returned up to a certain amount if you miss a single leg on your parlay.
  • Early cashout: Take some profits early before the game is final with the return adjusted based on the current most likely outcome.

How to bet in-game on the Super Bowl

After the game gets underway, you don’t have to stop betting. Live betting, also known as in-play or in-game, is a featured offering at all of the top sportsbooks. These are real-time bets on what’s happening on the field. Examples include:

  • Updated odds on the main pregame bets based on the current situation
  • Brand new team, game and player props
  • Bet on smaller snippets of the game like drives, quarters and halves

Live betting markets move really fast. Expect to see plenty of different opportunities as the Super Bowl plays out. Sportsbook apps can be the perfect companion for live betting as you soak in all of the excitement of the Big Game.

Betting on Super Bowl futures beforehand

You don’t have to wait for the Super Bowl matchup to be announced to wager on who you think will win. The NFL futures odds market stays active all year with odds for all 32 NFL teams. Once the playoff field is official, you’ll find numbers for all of the qualifiers.

Our live odds feed above is your place to go for the latest Super Bowl futures odds. The market stays active, so you can expect to see movement in the sportsbook lines in response to betting action and other developments.

There are bettors who like to wager soon after the initial release and hold on until the end. Meanwhile, others may scout the market regularly to find appealing Super Bowl betting odds. No matter when you bet, be sure to compare the numbers by line shopping to get the best possible odds.

When the season gets underway, keep an eye out for teams with a strong average margin of victory, lengthy winning streaks and high-ranked offenses and defenses. There’s a real good chance that the numbers will back up the next Super bowl winner.

Who is the favorite to win the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl futures market provides you with an instant look at which teams are favored to win the next Lombardi Trophy. Barring dramatic developments, teams that are highly regarded in the offseason will continue to be among the favorites as the season plays out.

There will also be risers and fallers, as in the teams that get unexpectedly hot and the clubs who get off to disappointing starts. For futures bettors, the goal is to pick the winner but also strike at the most opportune time on the odds board.

Sportsbooks will adjust the numbers in response to betting volume as well. Odds will be lengthened or shortened in bids to attract more action, so be on the lookout for notable shifts. This can be a sign of lots of public money heading toward that team.

After the matchup is official, it’ll be the same story. The odds on the main pregame bets will adjust, but the favorite at the release will typically remain that way. No matter when you bet on the Super Bowl, be sure to line shop to find the best prices.

How do favorites typically perform?

On an all-time basis, favorites at the Super Bowl are 28-25 (not including two pushes and one pick’em) against the spread and 37-18 (one pick’em) on the moneyline. Over/unders are split mostly down the middle at 27-28 with no listed total for the first Super Bowl.

For some more recent perspective, here are the results on the big three pregame bet types over the last 11 editions of the Super Bowl.

  • Moneyline: Favorites 4-6 (One pick’em)
  • Spread: Favorites 3-7 (One pick’em)
  • Totals: Over 5-6

How to bet on the Super Bowl MVP

One of the most popular bets on the board for the Super Bowl revolves around which player will be named the game’s MVP. There will be odds for each player with at least a realistic shot at making it happen.

QBs are typically the favorites and winners, but dark horses can arise. This prop adds extra rooting interest to the Super Bowl, and solid returns are waiting if you nail your pick. Here are some key points and notes to keep in mind for Super Bowl MVP betting.

  • Tom Brady holds the all-time record with five Super Bowl MVP awards—five with the New England Patriots and one with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • There have been five multi-time winners—all QBs.
  • Over the past 10 Super Bowls, here’s the breakdown of winners:
    • Seven QBs
    • Two linebackers
    • One wide receiver
  • A defensive or special teams player has won the award 11 times.
  • A running back hasn’t won the award since Terrell Davis of the Denver Broncos in 1998.

What are the Vegas Super Bowl odds?

Las Vegas odds are no longer the first and last word on what to expect for the Super Bowl. It was like that for decades, but times change.

Legal sportsbooks in Ohio will have Super Bowl betting lines and odds that are right in line with what you’ll find out in Sin City. You can see what Las Vegas has to say if you want, but know that you’ll find the same story here at home.

Where is Super Bowl 58?

The Super Bowl will be held in Las Vegas. Here are the details.

  • Date: Sunday, Feb. 11, 2024
  • Time: 6:30 p.m. ET
  • Where: Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Broadcast: CBS

How do I open an account to bet in Ohio?

Before you can bet on the Super Bowl in Ohio, you’re going to need an account with a legal sportsbook. Here’s how to get set up.

  • Click through on our exclusive links.
  • Follow the prompts to create an account.
  • Claim your bonus and make a deposit.
  • Navigate to the Super Bowl betting page at the sportsbook.
  • Get ready to place your bets.

You’ll find plenty of opportunities to bet in advance of the game, and live betting will be ongoing as the action plays out. Once your account is up and running, you’ll be able to dive in and take advantage whenever you want.

One important note to keep in mind: be sure you’re registering to play with a legal sportsbook, such as all of our recommended books. There are still plenty of illegal offshore operations out there that will be more than happy to take your money.

Red flags include props that aren’t available in Ohio or a main office in some remote land you’ve never heard of. Save yourself the headaches by sticking to legal sportsbooks as you get set to enjoy the Super Bowl.

Ohio Super Bowl history

The Boomer Esiason-led Cincinnati Bengals had Joe Montana and the San Francisco 49ers on the ropes in Super Bowl XXVIII but couldn’t seal the deal. Then, the late-’80s Cleveland Browns went down as one of the best teams to never make the Big Game. Three times in four years, the Browns faithful suffered heartbreak in the AFC Title Game at the hands of John Elway and the Denver Broncos.

Today, young signal caller Joe Burrow has Bengals fans thinking about repeat Super Bowl appearances. Browns fans are hoping their QB woes will get better and perhaps a championship is in their future. Will it ever happen? That’s to be seen. But we do know the Super Bowl is guaranteed to be the biggest event of the year for Ohio sports bettors.

Billions of dollars are wagered on the game annually, and that number grows even further with legal sports betting. Picking the winner or betting on the Super Bowl over/under are incredibly popular, but there’s a whole lot more to bet on.