Cleveland Browns Odds

With the 2023 NFL season set to kick off in a matter of days, Cleveland Browns fans’ enjoyment of the NFL can reach another level with legal sports betting in Ohio up and running. Browns odds are available on your sportsbook app at home, on the road, or even inside the stadium on game day.

The Browns are looking to regroup for the 2023 NFL season and compete for the AFC North title. Ohio sportsbooks are already listing futures odds for the Browns’ season, along with a variety of player prop bets.

By the time the 2023 Cleveland Browns season rolls around, fans will have even more betting options at their disposal.

This week’s Browns odds: Spread, Super Bowl, props

Here are the latest Browns betting odds at Ohio online sportsbooks.

Below you will find the best spread odds for the team’s next game plus Super Bowl and AFC Championship odds and select player props. Click on any odds to claim the posted bonus offer, register a new account and start getting your Browns bets in.

This Week’s Browns spread

Browns Super Bowl, Playoff odds

Myles Garrett MVP, prop odds

Best NFL bets for Browns games

What is the Browns moneyline?

If you want to wager on which team will win a game, you can place a moneyline bet. This is one of the most popular NFL bets at online sportsbooks. When you view the listings for NFL games, just click on the odds for your choice to win the game, and it will appear in your betting slip. At the DraftKings Ohio Sportsbook the listing might look like this:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers     +115
  • Cleveland Browns      -135

Moneyline Odds Explained

The moneyline odds tell you how the oddsmakers see the matchup. Favorites have negative odds, and underdogs are positive. The difference between the digits tells you how close of a game the sportsbook expects.

A solid favorite may have odds greater than -200, such as a split of -240/+190. For a really tight game, you might see odds of -115 and -105 on the two sides. The value of the odds also dictates how much you can expect back if you win your bet.

The sportsbook will display the potential return once you plug in your stake, but it’s still helpful to know how to estimate it. When the numbers are negative, that’s how much you would need to bet to win a profit of $100: $135 at odds of -135.

On the underdog side, the positive number is equal to the return on a winning $100 bet: $115 at odds of +115. Moneyline odds can shift in response to betting action and other developments, so try to shop around and do your best to track the line movement.

From a value perspective, underdogs provide the best potential returns, but you have to pick your spots carefully. A favorite at -200 returns about 50% in winnings, so it comes down to what you view as an acceptable return based on the risk.

What is the Browns point spread?

The spread bet goes further than just wins and losses. You have to decide which side will cover the spread, which is a number that the sportsbook sets. The choices are the favorite minus the points or the underdog plus the points. A spread bet at FanDuel Sportsbook in Ohio might look like this:

  • Cleveland Browns      +6 (-110)
  • Kansas City Chiefs     -6 (-110)

For our example, the Kansas City Chiefs are favored by six points, which means that they have to win by seven or more to cover the spread. If the Browns keep the margin under six points, or win the game by any score, they’ll cover the spread.

Upon the initial release, point spread odds typically start at -110 on both sides. There’s a good chance you’ll see some movement during the week, such as a split of -112/-108. This happens due to betting volume.

Odds can vary among sportsbooks as a result, so be sure to compare sports odds before betting. The spread can also move as a result of big action or other developments. For example, the 6-point spread could rise to 6.5 or fall to 5.5 before kickoff.

The numbers can also move due to new developments, such as an injury to a key player or uncertainty over the status of certain athletes or weather concerns. You might find ticks of difference as you shop around, and it can absolutely make a difference on your wagers.

As an example, the half-point can be critical when talking about a field goal or touchdown spread. That seemingly small difference can impact betting results. Be on the lookout for movement in the spread and don’t be shy about betting early to grab the number you want.

What is the Browns totals (over/under) line?

For the last of the main pregame bets, you can wager on how many combined points the two teams will score. Totals are also called over/unders due to the fact that those are the two choices you can make: over or under the listed number of points. Here’s an example of a totals bet you might see at Caesars Sportsbook in Ohio:

  • Over                53.5 (-110)
  • Under              53.5 (-110)

Just like the spread, there are two numbers to be aware of: the total itself and the odds for placing the bets. The starting point for the odds is also -110 here, but you can expect to see movement in both the total and odds from the release up to kickoff.

Once again, the half-point can make a world of difference, so always keep your eye out to bet on the number you’re most comfortable with. At -110, you have to bet $110 to get $100 back, while dropping a straight hundred has the potential for $90.90 in winnings.

When looking at a weekly slate of games, you’ll see a pretty decent range of numbers. There will be projected totals in the low 40s or under, and potentially higher scoring affairs at 50-plus.

Plenty of games will also fall in the middle of those two ranges. When trying to figure out what’s to come, average points scored and allowed by the two sides is a simple metric to study, as are historic totals for the two teams and any common opponents.

There are bettors who like to get in their bets right at the release of the lines, and others who like to see what develops as the week moves along. For you, the goal should be to get your bets in at the number and odds that you are most comfortable with.

Browns team props, player props and futures

In addition to the bets we discussed above, once you click on a game listing, you’ll see all of the available props for the contest. Here are some examples of individual player props:

  • How many total TDs for Jacoby Brissett — Over/Under 3.5?
  • Who will have more rushing yards — Nick Chubb or Kareem Hunt?
  • Will Myles Garrett record a sack — yes/no?

You’ll also see props for team accomplishments and the game as a whole, as well as on individual player performances. They’re essentially based on what may or may not happen. You’ll find props with two choices and others with multiple possible outcomes. In a nutshell, props provide even more ways to wager on individual games. If you want to take your chances on the season as a whole, that’s where futures come in.

Futures provide NFL betting options on what may happen over the course of the season. You’ll see NFL betting odds for futures come out in the preseason, with the market staying active nearly all year round. Here are some top options:

The odds board won’t stand still here, either. You can expect to see movement after the initial release and as news develops. While you can place your bets at any time, remember that this is a long-term wager that won’t settle until the outcome is final.

For both props and futures, take the time to view the options at multiple sportsbooks. While DraftKings or FanDuel may have something great, you might find a better option at Caesars or BetMGM sportsbook.

Cleveland Browns home games

From the team’s debut in 1946 through 1995, the Browns played at Municipal Stadium, a multipurpose venue that was also home to the Cleveland Indians for most of that time. The club moved into FirstEnergy Stadium, its current digs, upon the rebirth of the Browns in 1999. Here are the details on where you can see the Browns play in person.

  • Name: FirstEnergy Stadium
  • Address: 100 Alfred Lerner Way, Cleveland, OH
  • Owner: City of Cleveland
  • Operator: Cleveland Browns
  • Capacity: 67,431
  • Surface: Kentucky bluegrass
  • Groundbreaking: May 15, 1997
  • Opening date: Sept. 12, 1999
  • Construction cost: $283 million
  • Other events: College football, soccer, concerts

How to watch or listen to Browns games in Ohio

NFL games appear on major broadcast outlets. Depending on when the Browns are playing, here’s where to look.

  • Thursday Night Football: Amazon Prime
  • Sunday afternoon: CBS and Fox
  • Sunday Night Football: NBC
  • Monday Night Football: ESPN

There are Ohio affiliates for each of CBS, Fox and NBC, so you’ll have little trouble picking up the feed. ESPN and the NFL Network are part of cable, satellite and streaming packages, while Amazon includes its TNF game broadcasts with its Prime video subscription.

The main outlet covering the game likely will also have a web or app feed that you can access, but you’ll usually need sign-in credentials to do so. You can also find coverage of local and primetime games on the NFL app.

On the radio, WKRK 92.3 FM, WNCX 98.5 FM and WKNR 850 AM serve as the flagship stations, with a number of affiliates picking up the feed. Jim Donovan does the play-by-play with Doug Dieken pitching in with color commentary.

Find Monday Night Football odds and Thursday Night Football odds here.

Browns facts and figures

The history of the Browns stretches back to 1946. We’ve covered many of the ins and outs of the team already, but there’s plenty more to the franchise. Here are some of the more notable facts and figures about Cleveland’s NFL team.

Why did the Browns move to Baltimore?

Money. Team owner Art Modell saw greener pastures in Baltimore, a city that had lost its own NFL franchise when the Colts relocated to Indianapolis in 1984. The proposed move sparked plenty of backlash and legal wrangling. It was eventually decided that Modell and the team could move on, but the legacy of the Browns franchise had to stay put.

When did the Browns return to the NFL?

Following the move to Baltimore, the NFL went dark in Cleveland for the next three seasons. Al Lerner purchased the rights to the franchise in 1998. The reborn Browns team began play in 1999 and got a new stadium out of the deal to boot.

How much are the Cleveland Browns worth?

Forbes conducts annual assessments of the values of NFL franchises. For the most recent edition, the Browns were valued at $2.6 billion, 29th in the league and ahead of only the Detroit Lions, Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills. The Dallas Cowboys are highest on the list at $6.5 billion, followed by the New England Patriots at $5 billion.

When was the last time the Browns won the AFC North?

That’s something that the team has never managed to do. The NFL realigned divisions in 2002, and the Browns landed in the four-team AFC North. The team has finished second in the division twice since then, and fans are still waiting for the first division title. Back in the day, the Browns played in the AFC Central. The team topped that division six times, last in 1989.

How have the Browns done in the postseason?

If we go back to the time of the All-America Football Conference in the early days of the franchise, the club was a perfect 5-0. It has been a different story in the NFL, with the team having an all-time postseason mark of 12-21. Since returning in 1999, the Browns have had just two playoff appearances. They won their first playoff game since 1994 a season ago with a 48-37 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in the wild card round.

Who are the Browns’ biggest rivals?

As members of the AFC North, the Browns have solid rivalries in place with the other three members: Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers. The Ravens narrative stems from bitterness over the move of the previous team, while the Bengals are the natural geographic rivals. The team’s games with the Steelers have been heated for several decades, as well.

Find this week’s Bengals odds.

Which Browns players are in the Hall of Fame?

A total of 26 players and contributors who spent at least part of their career with Cleveland have been enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Included on the list are all-time franchise greats such as Otto Graham and Ozzie Newsome. The most recent inductees were Mac Speedie, an end with the team from 1946-52, and Bill Cowher, who played and coached with the team before moving on in the 1980s.

How many numbers have the Browns retired?

Browns have retired the following numbers to date:

  • 14 — QB Otto Graham
  • 32 — FB Jim Brown
  • 45 — HB Ernie Davis
  • 46 — S Don Fleming
  • 76 — OT Lou Groza

The team also maintains a ring of honor. The most recent honorees were OT Joe Thomas in 2018 and LB Clay Matthews in 2019.

Who is the longest-tenured coach in Browns history?

The team’s first head coach still holds the mark. Paul Brown led the team from 1946 to 1962, coaching a total of 214 regular season games and going 158-48-8 in the process. Brown was 9-5 in the playoffs during his tenure.

He and the team parted ways under acrimonious circumstances. Blanton Collier, 1963-70, is the only other head coach to make it to 100+ games.

How many times have the Browns had the top pick in the NFL draft?

The Browns have had the honor a total of five times in franchise history, and twice in recent years. Here’s a look at the draft years and whom they selected.

  • 1954: QB Bobby Garrett, Stanford
  • 1999: QB Tim Couch, Kentucky
  • 2000: DE Courtney Brown, Penn State
  • 2017: DE Myles Garrett, Texas A&M
  • 2018: QB Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

What was the Browns’ best-ever regular-season record?

The Browns of the AAFC won 12 or more games in three of four seasons. Since joining the NFL in 1950, the club has managed to hit 12 wins just once. The 1986 Browns went 12-4 and made it to the AFC title game, losing a heartbreaker in OT to the Denver Broncos.

Have the Browns ever gone winless?

Just once. The 2017 Browns, led by head coach Hue Jackson, finished with a record of 0-16. That came in the aftermath of a 1-15 campaign in 2016. On the bright side, the team parlayed both poor seasons into solid performances at the NFL draft, snagging key pieces of the current squad that is on the upswing.

How much are Browns tickets?

There’s a waitlist for Browns season tickets, and that’s not a situation that’s expected to change anytime soon, especially with the team’s current trajectory. Single-game tickets are available, but you’re looking at $100 or more per seat.

  • Upper deck: $100+
  • Middle tier: $200+
  • Lower bowl: $250+
  • Premium sideline: $350+

If you hit the resale market, you can expect prices to vary based on demand and opponent. The Browns have a very loyal and passionate fan base, so demand for games is typically very high. You can find more detailed ticketing information on the team’s official website.

Who owns the Browns?

In 1944, Arthur McBride was able to secure an expansion franchise in the All-America Football Conference for the city of Cleveland. The Browns began play in 1946 and moved to the NFL after the dissolution of the AAFC for the 1950 season. A group led by David Jones purchased the team in 1953 for $600,000.

Fast forward to 1961. A group led by Art Modell purchased the team for $3.93 million. Modell remained in charge until 1995 when the original Browns moved to Baltimore to become the Ravens. The Browns came back to life in 1999 under new owner Al Lerner, who acquired the rights to the team for $530 million.

The Lerner family remained in charge until a sale to Jimmy Haslam in 2012 for $990 billion. According to the latest NFL franchise valuations from Forbes, the Browns are now worth $2.6 billion, which is 29th on the list of the league’s 32 teams.

What’s the most “Browns” moment ever?

There’s a lot of contenders for the list. Before we get there, let’s start with a positive. In the 2020 AFC Wild Card game, the Browns went on the road to face off with the rival Pittsburgh Steelers. Oddsmakers had Pittsburgh as 5.5-point favorites, but that proved to be off the mark as Cleveland pulled out a memorable 48-37 win.

Back to reality. Browns faithful have become awfully used to heartache. The team’s last title came in the pre-merger days of 1964. The club was a pretty regular participant in the postseason until the early 1970s, but then a drought set in that lasted until 1980. From 1985-89, the club made it to the playoffs five straight times.

The Browns even advanced to the AFC title game in three of those seasons. Unfortunately, they ran into the Denver Broncos and John Elway all three times and went down to defeat. In 1986, the phrase “The Drive” became ingrained in NFL lore forever.

The year after that, the Browns looked to have a Super Bowl berth in hand. Then Earnest Byner fumbled the ball at the goal line.

By the time we got to the 1989 NFL postseason, the Broncos were through toying with the Browns and took them out to the woodshed to the tune of 37-21. In more recent times, the Cleveland faithful have had plenty of heartache to deal with (no playoffs from 2003-19), but it’s tough to beat the heartbreak suffered during the 1980s.