Sports Betting Systems & Strategies

Sports bettors strive for advantages over sportsbooks on a consistent basis. Do a quick Google search, and you can find various betting systems advertising their services. Telling how legitimate such systems are, however, can be difficult.

This guide will cover the key aspects of betting systems, including evaluating if they are for you. Keep reading for a complete breakdown of sports betting systems.

What is a betting system?

A betting system is a fixed strategy that attempts to give you an edge over sportsbooks. Such systems follow a set of rules that aim to ensure a profit. A variety of these systems exist, at a range of complexity levels.

Some of the most common and popular betting systems are betting against the public, arbitrage betting, progressive betting systems like the Martingale strategy, and hedging. These are all different, with their own sets of rules, but they all attempt to accomplish the same goal of profit over a long period.

A betting system may tout itself as a solution that will just print money with no risk. In reality, that is likely far from the truth and why you should be careful before blindly following a system.

Should you trust a betting system?

Take a glance at gambling “experts” across the internet, and you are likely to see plenty of betting systems. These may come with promises of large profits and little or no risk of losing money. Don’t trust these types of betting systems or the people trying to get you to follow them.

However, that is not to say that you shouldn’t trust any betting systems at all. Betting systems get a bad reputation because of the scam artists, but there are legitimate systems out there. That’s not to say that these systems just print money, but they can help you be more profitable.

So whether you should trust a betting system has a complicated answer. It depends on what the system is, as there is a large variety in what can be considered a betting system. A good idea is to do more research before deciding whether you can trust a particular system.

Should I consider using a sports betting system?

Some of the positives of using a betting system are that it doesn’t take much time to figure out your bets, you don’t need to be putting effort in each day and, ideally, your system gives you an edge over the sportsbooks.

On the other hand, the negatives of using a betting system are that such systems are often very rigid and can fail to take into account the little details in a game that a human may catch. This can make for some losses that would not happen if you were individually evaluating each game.

Because studying each game takes a lot of time to consider the numerous factors at play, sports betting strategies are usually more popular with those who want to bet frequently. It can be too time-consuming to give every single game the attention it deserves if you want to make a lot of bets each day.

However, if you’re planning to make just a few bets, it might make more sense to give each game its own evaluation. With just a few games to examine, you will have the time to do the necessary research and thinking.

Is using a betting system better than doing your own research?

This question depends on the type of bettor you are. Considering that most people lose money to the sportsbooks, however, it can often be worth trying a betting system.

The positives of using a betting system rather than researching every game on your own are that it’s much less time-consuming. It can be a lot of work to look at all the important factors for every game. Therefore, a betting system can reduce the workload. In addition, mathematical betting systems can help remove emotions from gambling.

The negatives are that many of these systems are not profitable. And those that are profitable usually struggle to sustain that success. Sportsbooks will sometimes impose limits on a successful bettor to cap the books’ liability. In addition, following a sports betting strategy can make you less successful at evaluating games, which can affect your skill if you end up deciding to discard the system.

Is any betting system more profitable than others?

Yes, although as we already mentioned, separating fact from fiction among betting systems can be difficult. In addition, something like the Martingale betting system has proven less than profitable over the long run unless you are playing with an unlimited bankroll and no betting limits.

Some betting systems, however, have shown benefits in select instances. Arbitrage betting, combined with Ohio sportsbook promos — as well as differences in odds across different sportsbooks — can turn a profit no matter who wins the game.

There are also betting systems from professional gambling syndicates or other people who do this for a living. While these are rarely available to the public, some have shown in the past to be consistently profitable sports betting systems.

Do most betting systems fail?

Yes, most betting systems do fail over time. There are multiple reasons why this happens. The first is that most bettors in general lose, so, of course, most of the systems that they create are going to fail as well. Being a winning bettor is no easy task, and neither is creating a winning system.

The second reason many betting systems fail is because of how sports betting favors the books. They can change the sports betting odds, limit your account or even take bets off the board. This makes it very difficult for betting systems to be successful over time. If sportsbooks note your account as profitable, they may start to limit you.

For that reason, bettors may have multiple accounts open at a variety of sportsbooks. This makes it harder for the books to track their activities and limit or take their accounts away.

Are all betting systems scams?

It would be one step too far to call all betting systems outright scams, but it is fair to say that the model is unreliable and that due diligence is necessary. Some betting systems can be profitable with small wagers but struggle to scale, while others are downright scams. Be ready to do your research before risking your money.

For a casual bettor, many systems that you come across could be scams or close to it. They are rarely profitable, and if they are, it’s usually due to blind luck more than anything else. Make sure that any betting system you subscribe to has shown a solid record over a sustained period.

Is it worth trying a betting system?

It is often better for professional bettors to be using systems as opposed to amateurs. This is because of the sports betting tools and resources available.

The systems and tools that professionals use are often very robust and capable of comparing variables and delivering wagers that have a positive expected value. These are vastly different from the betting systems that you’ll find via a simple Google search.

Because of how many betting systems fail to win money over the long term, it’s usually not worth it for a casual bettor to just blindly follow one. However, for those who are short on time, using a betting system can help provide ideas for potential wagers that you can look at more closely.

Are there any systems for futures betting?

There are betting systems that help you determine which futures bets to place, yes. Many systems will work for any wagers you’re likely to find while online sports betting in Ohio, including futures.

However, because futures sports bets are often more the province of recreational bettors, you may find that there are fewer systems based on futures. That is because there is usually quite a bit of a house edge baked into futures bets. This makes them less than ideal for serious bettors looking to turn a profit. In addition, futures are difficult to win, and the long time between placing the bet and your potential payout also makes them difficult for systems.

For that reason, most betting systems will instead focus on events that you can find every game such as various game lines or props. These occur on a much more regular basis, which makes them more compatible with betting systems.

Should I pay for a sports betting system?

Paying for a betting system is never a good idea. The reasoning is that betting on sports is difficult enough as it is without further hampering your margins by paying for a system. Professional sports bettors may win only 55% of their bets, and if you are paying for bets, then you are even less likely to turn a profit, even with a solid winning percentage.

This equation does change slightly if you are wagering large amounts of money. If you’re a high roller, then the relatively small cost of a betting system will not do as much damage to your bottom line. Still, it’s rarely worth it. Instead, consider looking for a free betting system or crafting one yourself.

While it’s easy to think that you will never pay for a betting system, some people end up doing so out of desperation. They lose money while they try to predict the games themselves, and then they pay for a betting system they see online.