NHL Betting Odds and Lines

Whether you’re a diehard hockey fan or just learning the sport, NHL betting odds are easy to dissect and come with lots of promotions, player bonuses, bonus bets and odds boosts to take advantage of.

Below you’ll find the latest NHL odds direct from Ohio online sportsbooks including game-day moneylines, puck lines, and totals, Stanley Cup futures odds, daily and seasonal player props (Hart Trophy winner, etc) and more.

Today’s NHL Odds: Moneylines, Puck Lines & Totals

See below for the latest NHL odds at Ohio online sportsbooks. Use the drop-down menus to switch between odds boards. Click on any odds to go directly to the online sportsbook, claim your bonus and get started. Check below the feed to see the latest NHL playoff odds plus Conference championship odds. See more on Columbus Blue Jackets odds.

Stanley Cup odds

There might be no championship in sports more grueling to win than the Stanley Cup. Once in the playoffs, a team needs to win four series and 16 games in order to be the last one standing. Check out the current odds for the Stanley Cup winner below. Click on any odds to claim your bonus and get started.

Hart Trophy odds

Connor McDavid won the NHL Hart Trophy in 2021 and most hockey fans and pundits would agree that he’s far-and-away the best player in the sport. But that doesn’t make him a lock to win the MVP again in 2022. Check the current NHL MVP odds at OH online sportsbooks below:

Norris Trophy odds

The James Norris Trophy is given to the NHL’s best defenseman. Over the past 10 NHL seasons, 10 different defensemen have won it. Will past winners Adam Fox, Victor Hedman or Roman Josi lay claim to the award again? Or will a newcomer like Cale Makar get his first? Check current odds for Norris Trophy below:

Vezina trophy odds

The Vezina Trophy is given to the NHL’s best goaltender. Over the past 10 seasons, only Sergei Bobrovsky has won the Vezina trophy more than once. Nine different goaltenders have won the award in the last decade. Check the current Vezina Trophy odds as listed on OH online sportsbooks below.

How to bet on the NHL online in Ohio

Now that you’re equipped with information on how to bet on hockey, it’s time to get signed up and involved in the action. Signing up is simple and easy either from your computer or phone when you follow these steps:

  1. Read through this page and find which apps appeal to you in terms of lines and promotional offers. You can also review our list of the best Ohio sportsbook apps here.
  2. Sign up with all necessary information such as your name, email address, date of birth and any other information required.
  3. Make sure to verify your identity and agree to the terms of service. Select a secure password for your account.
  4. Once you’ve created your account, download the app for the sportsbook you’ve selected.
  5. Log in to your account and claim any bonus bets or promos you signed up with.
  6. If necessary, fund your account.

Once you’ve funded your account, you’re ready to place your bets. Make sure to confirm any bets you place before exiting the screen.

Best sportsbook apps for betting on NHL games

With the expansion of sports betting into Ohio, look for some of the biggest sports betting brands to make a splash in the Buckeye State. Three of the main market leaders include BetMGM Sportsbook, DraftKings Sportsbook and FanDuel Sportsbook in Ohio. All three sportsbooks have their pros and cons when it comes to betting on NHL hockey.

BetMGM Ohio App-Easy to use app
-Multiple markets such as period betting
-Offers boosts
-Limited NHL prop selection
-Not conducive to betting favorites
DraftKings Ohio App-Many prop offerings for every game
-Top of the line app
-Easy deposit and withdrawal
-Has the largest hold for the moneyline market, often taking more than 10%
FanDuel Ohio App-Good book to use when betting underdogs
-Live betting is easy to find
-Not great for betting favorites
-Lesser offerings in prop market
Caesars Ohio App-Tons of sports you can bet on
-among the best in the industry
-Dozen odds boost offers almost every day
-Bonuses too pricey for small-time bettors.
-Promos award bonus bets, not site credit.
BetRivers Ohio App-More profit boosts than other books
-All the sports and bets you could hope for
-Use the "Tip" option for your bets if low on research time.
-No 24 hours support
-Only viewable in vertical format.

Best bets for NHL games

When betting on hockey, there are three main markets to consider.

NHL moneyline odds

The most popular way to bet on NHL hockey is with a moneyline wager. You simply need to pick which team you think will win the listed game. Odds are adjusted based on the perceived probability of each team winning. If your team wins the game, you win the bet.

NHL puck line odds

Puck-line betting resembles spread betting in other sports. With the high variance and low scoring nature of hockey, the puck-line is almost always 1.5 goals. Usually, the favorite is a plus-money underdog to cover the puck-line.

When betting the puck-line, you need the favorite to win the game by at least two goals or you need the underdog to either win the game outright or lose by just one goal.

NHL totals odds

Another popular way to bet on the NHL is on totals. Much like other sports, you’re betting whether you think the two teams will combine to score over or under the listed amount of goals. Totals for the NHL usually range from 5 goals to 6.5 goals based on the style of game the involved teams play.

NHL odds boosts and promos

The sports betting industry in Ohio should really take off, which will lead to some awesome bonuses and promotional opportunities for bettors. Major sportsbooks like DraftKings, FanDuel and BetMGM fight to acquire customers and this allows for increased earning potential when betting on the NHL in Ohio.

Some examples of promotions available to bettors include:

  • No-Sweat Bet: Place a bet on an NHL game. If your bet wins, you win money of course. However, if your bet loses, you receive a bet credit in the amount of the initial wager.
  • Boosted Blue Jacket Odds: The Blue Jackets might be +120 underdogs against the New York Islanders at most sportsbooks, but sometimes certain sportsbooks boost their odds for a specific game. If there’s a boost in effect, you might be able to get the Blue Jackets at +150 rather than +120.
  • One-off Blue Jackets Promos: Often sportsbooks offer one-time offers to new users. An example of this could be “Bet $10 on the Blue Jackets, and win $100 if they score a goal!” Obviously, this is an extremely profitable venture as 10-1 odds on an NHL team scoring a goal in a game is an awesome potential payout.

Vegas NHL odds vs. Ohio NHL odds

In the past, Las Vegas in Nevada was the only place to legally bet on sports in the United States. However, due to new legislation, that is no longer the case.

Due to their decades of a head start, Las Vegas is still viewed by many as the mecca of sports betting. Despite this, there’s not much difference between the odds found in Vegas compared to the odds in Ohio.

Sportsbooks in Vegas and Ohio both use computer models and analytics to help set their NHL betting lines.

With the sportsbooks using the same information, the resulting odds are often very similar if not the exact same. One no longer has to look up the Vegas odds when looking for a live odds sports provider.

One difference may be for local teams. Sportsbooks in Ohio might receive a lopsided amount of bets on local teams such as the Blue Jackets. This may cause them to slightly adjust NHL lines in order to limit their liability.

How to find the best odds for NHL games

While sportsbooks have similar lines across the industry, they aren’t the exact same across the board. Many sports bettors don’t shop lines across multiple sportsbooks and it could be the difference between being a profitable bettor and a losing bettor.

Sportsbooks adjust lines for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes, they have too much liability on one team and are looking to attract action on the other side. Other times, they value things like injuries or backup goaltenders differently than other sportsbooks. Some books are better to use when betting underdogs while others are more friendly to those who bet favorites.

The Blue Jackets could be +120 favorites at three different sportsbooks but a fourth sportsbook might have them listed at +130. If you bet the Blue Jackets at the fourth book, you’d win an extra $10 compared to the bettors who bet them at the other books. $10 might not seem like a lot of money, but the difference between being a winning bettor and a losing bettor is often small. If you win an extra $10 daily by line shopping, you’d win an extra $300 per month. Who wouldn’t want that?

The easiest way to line-shop is by downloading the apps of multiple sportsbooks. If you’re looking to bet on a team, open the apps for each sportsbook and see what the listed odds are. If the odds are the same across the board, then it doesn’t matter much where you bet. However, oftentimes, you’ll find a sportsbook where the listed odds are slightly in your favor.