College Football Odds and Lines

College football betting will be one of Ohio’s hottest betting markets and Ohio State football odds will be a huge part of it. As a perennial National Championship contender, Ohio State will be a popular pick in the college football futures market. Each and every game line will also see a huge amount of action at legal Ohio online sportsbooks.

How can you start getting your action down? Check our NCAAF odds feed below with the latest college football game odds for dozens of D1 programs, College Football Playoff National Championship odds and more.

NCAAF win total odds

Here’s a look at the latest college football odds from Ohio sportsbooks for all upcoming NCAAF action across the country:

NCAAF Championship odds

Here’s a look at the latest college football futures odds from Ohio sportsbooks, including the NCAAF betting odds on the favorites to win the national title. To see more, visit our main National Championship odds page.

Ohio State football odds

Ohio State remaining a constant part of the National Championship picture is one of the main reasons college football is so popular in Ohio. Check the current Ohio State game lines below and see more odds on our Ohio State football odds page.

Miami of Ohio football odds

The Miami RedHawks are a Division I FBS program that plays in the Mid-American Conference. A hard-nosed overachiever from year to year, you can find current Miami RedHawks game lines below and more futures odds on our Miami RedHawks odds page.

Ohio Bobcats football odds

The Ohio Bobcats are a D1 FBS program that plays in the Mid-American Conference. The Bobcats won four Bowl Games between 2017 and 2022, including wins over UAB, San Diego StateNevada and Wyoming. Check current Ohio Bobcats futures odds on our Ohio Bobcats odds page.

Big Ten winner odds

The Big Ten is the oldest Division I NCAA conference in the country and includes historic football programs like Michigan, Penn State and, of course, Ohio State. Check the odds on each team in the Big Ten winning the conference title below:

Mid-American winner odds

The Mid-American Conference (MAC) is as Ohio as it gets, with its headquarters in downtown Cleveland and nine of its twelve member schools in Ohio or Michigan. Here’s a look at the odds on each team in the MAC winning the conference title:

Heisman Trophy winner odds

The Heisman Trophy is awarded to the most outstanding player in college football every year. The trophy is presented to the winner in a ceremony in early December ahead of bowl season. Check the current Heisman odds on the favorites to win it this season:

Best Ohio sportsbooks for NCAA football betting

The best sportsbooks for betting on college football in Ohio post competitive lines, feature great promos and bonuses and reward loyal players. Here’s a look:

Best NCAAF SportsbooksHitsMisses
DraftKings Sportsbook Ohio-Competitive NCAAF lines
-$50 bonus bet and up to $1,000 on deposit bonus
-Smooth and easy to use platform
-Ongoing NCAAF promos
Certain site sections need better organization
FanDuel Sportsbook Ohio-Competitive NCAAF lines
-Up to $200 bet bonus
-Ongoing NCAAF promos
-Top usability and visual appeal
Needs a loyalty program for volume players
BetMGM Sportsbook Ohio-Competitive NCAAF lines
-Up to $1,500 bonus
-Ongoing NCAAF promos
-Huge network of partner casinos
Vertical scroll bars can make site navigation difficult

How college football lines work

Whether you’re betting moneylines, point spreads or totals, when you bet on college football at Ohio sportsbooks, you place your bets at the currently posted American odds. These odds are either negative or positive. That tells you how much you’ll get paid if and when the bet wins. Here’s what the NCAAF odds and lines, might look like for a typical Ohio State game:

Tulsa @ Ohio StateSpreadMoneylineTotal
Tulsa+24.5 (-110)+1300Over 60.5 (-110)
Ohio State-24.5 (-110)-4500Under 60.5 (-110)

Bet Tulsa +24.5 at the -110 odds posted here and you’ll win $100, plus your bet back, for every $110 bet if Tulsa wins, or loses by 24 or less. Bet Ohio State at -24.5 at the -110 odds posted here and you’ll win $100, plus your bet back, for every $110 bet if Ohio wins by 25 or more. You can also bet the Tulsa moneyline at the +1300 odds posted here.

If they win the game outright, you’ll earn $1300, plus your bet back for every $100 you bet. Or, you can bet the Ohio State moneyline at the -4500 odds posted here, but you’ll only win $100, plus your bet back, for every $4,500 you bet, if Ohio State wins.

Finally, you can bet that the teams will combine to score 61 points or more, or bet that they will score 60 points or fewer. Both bets can be placed at the -110 odds posted here, which means you’ll win $100, plus your bet back, for every $110 you bet, if you’re right.

Live betting on NCAA football games

You don’t have to make all your college football bets ahead of games anymore. With in game or live betting, you can bet on college football in the middle of games at odds that change with the action on the field. Just keep in mind that these odds can change so fast that online and mobile sportsbooks provide the only ways to get bets down fast enough. Check with your favorite Ohio sportsbook to peruse live betting for NCAA football games.

How to bet on college football in Ohio

You can bet point spreads, moneylines or totals for college football games at Ohio sports betting sites. Here’s a look:

Point Spread

Bet on one team to beat another with a point spread set by sportsbooks factored into the final score. That might mean betting on Ohio State at -24.5 over Tulsa at the currently posted odds of -110. Do that and you’ll win $100, plus your bet back, for every $110 you bet, as long as Ohio State wins by 25 or more.


Bet on one team to beat another, straight up, at the currently posted moneyline odds. These odds will be negative for favorites and positive for underdogs, telling you how much you stand to win if you get it right. That might mean betting on Ohio State as a huge favorite over Tulsa at -4500 odds. You’ll only win $100, plus your bet back, for every $4,500 you bet, if Ohio State wins, but you’re a huge favorite to win. It’s up to you to decide if the small reward is worth the risk of a major upset.

Over/Under (Totals)

Bet that both teams will combine to score more or less than a line set by sportsbooks. You might bet the over on 60.5 points in the Ohio State/Tulsa matchup. You can bet it at -110 odds and you’ll win $100, plus your bet back, for every $110 you bet, if the teams combine to score 61 or more.


Parlays are where you can combine two or more bets into one. You’ll get paid better odds than you would placing the bets individually, but you have to win them all.


Teasers allow you to manipulate the lines in your favor on the games in a parlay. You get to move the lines, but teasers don’t pay nearly as well as standard parlays because of that. In theory, manipulating the lines makes a teaser easier to win. Read more on teaser bets.


Futures are usually season-long bets. These might include a team winning its conference, earning a bowl bid, making the College Football Playoffs, and even winning the National Championship. Most of the time, these odds are released in the offseason and change alongside a team’s chances. Of course, you lock in futures at the currently posted odds, which usually means the earlier you get a bet down, the better the odds will be.


Props are about betting on certain games within a game, including various stats or statistical accomplishments. Lawmakers elsewhere have limited props to teams only, so you can’t bet on the performance of individual college athletes. Ohio may do the same.

College football strategy & betting advice

If you’re new to college football betting, it’s a little different than NFL betting. It’s a good idea to:

  • Be selective: There is a plethora of college football games on the docket every week. You can’t bet on them all, nor should you try. Instead, be selective, and focus your research. Making a few informed picks is the key to winning regularly.
  • Look for line movement: Don’t bet on a Saturday game too early. Instead, wait to see how the line moves throughout the week. If there’s a big shift one way, and then a small one back, it’s a sign the sharpest bettors are betting against the public. Following the sharpest bettors is always a good idea.
  • Focus on Ohio: You’re in Ohio and you’re betting with an Ohio sportsbook. It’s a good idea to focus your betting on Ohio schools. Sports betting is a war of information, and you have way more access to info on local college football teams than any others. Use it to your advantage by researching and betting locally.

How to determine bet payouts

The best way to calculate how much you stand to win on any bet is to click the bet and plug in a betting amount on the bet slip created by your favorite online and mobile sportsbook. The bet slip will do all the work and tell you the potential payout. Barring that, take the sports betting odds and calculate the potential payout yourself using either of these formulas:

  • Positive American Odds is: Bet x (Odds/100) + Bet = Potential Payout
  • Negative American Odds is: Bet / (Odds/100) + Bet = Potential Payout

Shopping lines for NCAAF games

NCAA football lines start out the same at most sportsbooks, but big betting on one side can force a sportsbook to make changes. That means the lines might be different from one sportsbook to the next. There’s value to be found in shopping around for the best price on any bet you plan to make. Always check the lines at different Ohio online and mobile sportsbooks before betting. This won’t necessarily help you win a bet. But it might make a bet more profitable and could significantly boost your bankroll over time.