Home Run Leader Betting Odds

There is nothing quite like a home run. It’s one of the reasons power hitters are so coveted in Major League Baseball, and it’s why fans line the outfield seats hoping for a chance to snag one of those dingers.

Home runs also present a fun opportunity to add to your baseball betting experience. Because the home run race takes a full season, it’s also a great way to ensure you stay engaged and interested as the season progresses. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on betting on MLB home runs.

MLB home run leader odds

The MLB home run odds feed below shows your top options all in one place. See odds you like? Just click on the number. This will take you to the corresponding sportsbook, where you can either sign up for an account or log in and place your bet.

Home run betting trends

When you’ve been around as long as professional baseball has — over a century-and-a-half — the game will inevitably change throughout the decades.

The current flavor of MLB is a lower batting average in exchange for a more home runs and more strikeouts from the mound. Add in that walks are up, and it’s clear that baseball teams are using power on the mound just as more hitters appear to be selling out for power.

This trend has been growing throughout the 21st century. There are no signs that things will change, either, even with the revamped baseball that MLB put into play in 2021. It can be a bit of a cycle. With strikeouts up, the likelihood of a team stringing together a bunch of singles to score multiple runs goes down.

This means there’s even more of an incentive for hitters to try to knock the ball over the fence with a couple of guys on base to score in bunches.

MLB home run totals betting

You may already be aware of totals betting, also known as betting the over/under. The over/under for home runs works the same as any other. You pick a player for whom the sportsbook has listed an estimated total of home runs. You can then place an MLB bet on that player to finish the season with more homers than the prediction or fewer.

For example, say Aaron Judge has a line of 41.5 home runs. His Ohio sports betting odds are -110 for either the over or the under. Then, if Trout hits 42 home runs or more, people who bet on the over for him would win. Anything under that, and the other side of the bet pays out. The .5 that the sportsbook included is there to ensure Trout can’t land exactly on the line.

Interested in betting on MLB home run total over/unders? You’ll be able to at multiple legal sportsbooks. Our favorite for this particular bet? Definitely DraftKings Sportsbook, but also read about other options below.

Best OH sites for betting on HR leader & totals

With legal sports betting growing in the US, including potentially in Ohio, sports bettors have an increasing number of options to choose from. This is good news for you since the sportsbooks will be competing for your business with the odds and deals that they offer. Creating accounts at multiple sportsbooks is free and easy, and it means you’ll have access to multiple options for any bet you want to place.

There are plenty of sports betting apps in Ohio to choose from (you can read full reviews for many of them on this website), but we have four favorites. Read about them below:

  • BetMGM: The name MGM is big in gambling circles, and it’s built quite a reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. Its online presence is no different, with one of the more impressive sites and apps currently available. A nice user interface with easy-to-find bets makes BetMGM Ohio sportsbook a solid option.
  • Caesars: Showmanship is the name of the game at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. While it can’t get quite as flashy with its online sportsbook or app, that hasn’t stopped it from creating a quality experience for bettors. Customer service is outstanding with the Caesars sportsbook app, as is the ease of use.
  • DraftKings: We mentioned DraftKings in the section above because it’s our favorite. The DraftKings DFS site created a loyal following, and that has transferred to its sportsbook. It shows no signs of slowing down, either. The sportsbook offers great customer service, a solid user interface and a well-rounded experience.
  • FanDuel: Another company that cut its teeth in the world of daily fantasy sports, FanDuel hasn’t missed a beat as it launched its sports betting product. Its fans have remained loyal, signing up in droves in each of the states where FanDuel has opened. Quality betting options across a variety of sports makes the FanDuel Ohio Sportsbook app a favorite for bettors.

Other MLB futures bets

Betting on who will be the next home run champ is a great way to stay engaged with Major League Baseball throughout the season, but it’s hardly the only futures bet you can try. In fact, baseball offers a variety of futures options, beyond just World Series winner odds or who will hit the most home runs. Here are some other stat-based MLB futures you might see:

  • Wins by a pitcher
  • Strikeouts by a pitcher
  • Runs scored
  • Stolen bases
  • Hits
  • RBIs
  • Regular-season team wins

The possibilities will depend on the sportsbook you are using. Some offer more options than others, so make sure you shop around before deciding which sportsbook you want to use.