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The Miami RedHawks basketball program has racked up 20 Mid-American Conference (MAC) regular-season titles and has reached the NCAA Tournament‘s Sweet Sixteen four times.

The RedHawks promise to be competitive in the MAC most years and have a chance to crack the NCAA Tournament any season. As legal sports betting takes hold in Ohio, RedHawks basketball odds will be a big deal across the state.

Here’s your guide to betting on Miami RedHawks basketball online including the latest RedHawks odds, NCAA Championship futures, and more.

Miami odds: Spreads, National Championship, Naismith

Here’s where you can find the latest Miami RedHawks game odds. This includes all the RedHawks moneyline odds, spreads, and totals for upcoming games. Plus, check out the odds on Miami (OH) winning the MAC, MAC Tournament, and the NCAA Championship.

Once Ohio online sports betting goes live, you can click on any line posted here to go to the sportsbook that posted it, sign up for a new account, claim any available bonus, and place that bet.

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How To Bet On Miami RedHawks Basketball Games In Ohio

Betting on sports in Ohio, including betting on NCAA men’s basketball, has become so easy that you can do it from anywhere within state lines. How? The convenience of modern technology.

Gone are the days of sports bettors needing to find a bookie to take their bets. Instead, the sportsbooks are available in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you take your mobile device that has an internet connection. Online and mobile sportsbooks have been sweeping the nation thanks to the growth in legalized sports betting.

Here in Ohio, there is a nice selection of possible sportsbooks for you to choose from — and you don’t have to stick to just one. In fact, shopping for the best odds is a great way to maximize your potential profits in this hobby, so don’t be shy about using multiple sportsbooks to make that happen.

Once you’ve decided which Ohio online sportsbooks interest you the most, use our exclusive links to visit their sites and sign up. By using our links, you get the best bonuses and promotions currently available to the public.

When you register for an account, you’ll need to give information about yourself such as your home address, your phone number, email, Social Security number and more. Additionally, you’ll be required to accept the sportsbook terms and conditions in order to create an account.

Once you’ve finished with those tasks, you’ll be ready to make use of your bonuses, free bets and promotions, as well as make your initial deposit.

Now you’re ready to start betting on Miami RedHawks basketball games. It’s really that simple.

Please keep in mind that you can only make bets while within the state of Ohio. The sportsbooks use geo-tracking to verify your location. If you’re somewhere outside of the Ohio state lines, then you won’t be able to make your wager, though you’ll still have full access to your account.

RedHawks NCAAB betting lines explained

When it comes to placing your bets, the newcomer in sports betting can find themselves a little lost when first looking at betting lines. We can completely understand where that confusion comes from because we’ve all been there before.

Below we’ve put together a fictional example of an NCAA men’s basketball matchup, complete with lines like you’ll see at top Ohio sportsbooks, such as FanDuel OH and DraftKings Ohio. You’ll find explainers for moneyline, point spread and totals betting, as well as links to our dedicated page on each bet type so you can get even more information.

  • Miami RedHawks -7.5 (-110) -155 O 160.5 (-110)
  • Ohio Bobcats +7.5 (-110) +140 U 160.5 (-110)

As you can see in our example, were using a matchup between two Mid-American Conference teams with the Miami RedHawks and the Ohio Bobcats. Now we’ll break down each of the numbers you’re looking at in this betting line.

Find live MAC basketball betting odds here

First is a set of numbers used for the point spread. In a point spread, the oddsmakers at a sportsbook predict how many points the favorite in the game is going to win by. In this case, the favorite, as identified by the negative number, is Miami. They are expected to win by at least eight points in this game. If they fail to do anything other than win by that minimum amount, then bets on Ohio would be winners.

So even if Miami wins the game, 72-66, they would fail to cover the spread. However, if they mange a 74-66 victory, then they would have covered and bets on the RedHawks would pay out.

On either side of this bet, the odds are listed at -110. Negative odds show you how much you need to wager if you want to win $100 with a successful bet. With our example, you will need to bet $110 to win $210 — which would be your initial bet returned to you plus the $100 in profit.

Learn more about point spread betting.

Moneyline Betting

The next number you see in the listing for each team is the moneyline odds. Again, the favorite is identified with a negative number, while the underdog is given a positive number. When you are betting on positive odds, the number shown is how much you could win with a $100 wager. In the case of Ohio and the Bobcats’ +140 odds, you could win $240 with your $100 bet, which would be the stake you placed on the game plus $140 in profit.

Moneyline betting only requires you to choose which team is going to win the game. If you’re right, then your winnings will be based on the odds. You don’t have to bet as much as $100, or as little for that matter, but no matter how much you do place for the wager, your winnings will be determined by the odds for the team you bet on.

A bet of $155 on Miami would pay out $255, which includes your wager plus the $100 profit.

Read more about moneyline bets.


The final set of numbers for each team is the over/under, which is usually listed as a totals bet. In this bet type, you are given a number that the oddsmakers believe the two teams will combine to score. If Miami and Ohio can combine to put up enough points to go over that total, then you would want to bet on the over. If you think the defenses can keep the game under that predicted number, then you would wager on the under.

In either case, the bets will be placed at -110 odds. As we mentioned before, that shows us we need to wager $110 in order to win $100.

With the over/under, you don’t need to concern yourself with choosing a winner of the game. In fact, it doesn’t matter whatsoever. Instead, you need to focus the entirety of your research on the two teams and their ability to score points, or prevent points from being scored.

If the game finishes with an 80-74 final, then the total combined points would tally up to 154. That would be below the predicted 160.5 points, and that means wagers on the under would win.

Half Points

You’ve likely noticed that with both the totals betting and the point spread, the numbers include half-points. You’re also likely aware that you cannot score a half-point in basketball. So what’s the deal?

Sportsbooks want to ensure there is a winner and a loser for each bet type. By adding a half-point to their predictions, they guarantee there will not be the possibility of a final score that would be exactly the same as their prediction. If that were to happen, the bet would be considered a “push” and all of the wagers would need to be returned to the bettors.

Oddsmakers include that half-point so a team or game cannot finish in a way that would require the bets to be voided. No matter what, there has to be winners and losers, which means some bettors will get paid while others will lose their wagers to the sportsbook.

Miami RedHawks March Madness odds

If you like the RedHawks’ chances of making the NCAA Tournament, going deep or even winning it all, you can bet on Miami RedHawks March Madness futures all year long.

This includes bets on Miami (OH) to make the NCAA Tournament, make the Final Four or win the National Championship. The odds move all year long, but you lock in currently posted odds when you place any bet on RedHawks NCAA Tournament futures.

For more on Miami RedHawks March Madness futures and betting on the RedHawks to have a most memorable season, click through to our exclusive March Madness odds, First Four odds or March Madness Bracket Contests pages.

Miami conference rivals

The Redhawks are arch-rivals with the Ohio University Bobcats, no matter the sport. Ohio is 115-94 against the RedHawks all time and has won the last four matchups. Here’s a look at the Miami (OH) vs. Ohio matchups scheduled for the 2021-22 season:

Ohio University at Miami (OH)

  • Date: Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2022
  • Time: 7 p.m.

Miami (OH) at Ohio University

  • Date: Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2022
  • Time: TBA

Due to the fact they’ve won four out of the past six MAC Tournament titles, the Buffalo Bulls are also among the RedHawks’ top conference rivals. Miami (OH) actually has the better all-time series record at 26-25, but Buffalo has won three matchups in a row leading up to these slated clashes in the 2021-22 season:

Miami (OH) at University at Buffalo

  • Date: Tuesday, Dec. 28, 2021
  • Time: 4 p.m.

University at Buffalo at Miami (OH)

  • Date: Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2022
  • Time: 7 p.m.

Miami Redhawks home games

  • Name: Millett Hall
  • Address: 500 East Sycamore Street
  • Location: Oxford, OH
  • Owner/Operator: Miami University
  • Basketball Capacity: 6,400
  • Trivia: Opened with a loss against Adolph Rupp‘s Kentucky Wildcats; fans often complain seats are too far from the court
  • Groundbreaking: 1966
  • Opened: Dec. 2, 1968
  • Construction cost: $7.5 million
  • Other sports: Miami (OH) women’s basketball and women’s volleyball

Miami (OH) basketball players in the NBA

There are no Miami (OH) players currently in the NBA. However, Hall of Famer Wayne Embry, five-time NBA champion Ron Harper, and All-Star scorer Wally Szczerbiak are the most notable former Miami (OH) players to play in the NBA.

Who coaches at Miami (OH)?

Here’s a look at the current Miami RedHawks men’s basketball coaching staff:

  • Jack Owens – Head coach (56-65, fifth season)
  • Jeff Rutter – Assistant coach
  • JR Reynolds – Assistant coach
  • Kenneth Lowe – Assistant coach
  • Damon Frierson – Assistant to the head coach
  • Cowan Olinger – Director of basketball operations

How much are RedHawks tickets?

Season tickets for the RedHawks are sold on, according to the following schedule:

  • Courtside: $220 ($250 Red & White Club donation required)
  • General public: $180
  • Faculty and staff: $150
  • Senior citizen (65 & older): $180

Individual game tickets for RedHawks games are sold on, according to the following schedule:

  • Advance adult reserved: $15
  • Advance youth reserved (17 and under): $7
  • Gameday adult reserved: $20
  • Gameday youth reserved (17 and under): $10

Miami’s signature March Madness moment

The last time the Miami RedHawks even made it to the NCAA Tournament was in 2007, and it took a miracle to get them there. The RedHawks beat No. 1 Toledo 58-53 in the MAC Tournament Semifinals, then hit a buzzer-beater to shock No. 2 Akron in the championship game.

Because they ultimately lost in the first round of the NCAA Tournament and haven’t been there since that buzzer-beater in the conference tourney remains the Miami RedHawks’ signature March Madness (adjacent) moment of the past decade-plus. Here’s a look: