MAC College Basketball Betting

College basketball fans in Ohio are keenly aware of the Mid-American Conference and the solid play of its basketball programs. From Toledo to Miami to Akron and more, Ohio has plenty of skin in the MAC.

For basketball fans, that means there is plenty to root for. For bettors in Ohio, it means a lot of outstanding basketball to wager on. On this page, we’ll go into detail about betting on the Mid-American Conference in Ohio.

Live MAC basketball winner odds

Looking to bet on a team to walk away with the MAC championship? Below we have the best place to start: the odds. The odds feed below updates automatically with the latest lines from legal online sportsbooks in Ohio.

If you see some MAC basketball conference odds that you’re interested in betting on, just click on them and you’ll head directly to that sportsbook. There, you can either sign up for an account or sign in to an existing one and place your bet.

Best OH sportsbooks for MAC basketball betting

When it comes to placing your bets, here are some of the best options.

  • BetMGM: The MGM name has been synonymous with betting for a while thanks to its roots in Las Vegas and beyond. The BetMGM Sportsbook app in Ohio is one of the best in the nation and features quality promotions, selection and customer service.
  • DraftKings: This company may have cut its teeth in the daily fantasy sports market, but it ruled as one of the two top companies in that industry before making the leap into sports betting. From there, DraftKings hasn’t missed a beat. Outstanding betting options with a user-friendly interface have made the DraftKings betting app a favorite everywhere that it’s legal.
  • Caesars: Another big name in gambling, Caesars also doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its online presence. Its sportsbook offers a solid reputation, quality user experience and some of the better promotions on the market today. Much as you would expect from one of the biggest names in betting, Caesars Sportsbook is focused on gaining customers and keeping them happy.

How to read college basketball odds

Here are the basics on reading odds, either if you’re a newcomer to sports betting in Ohio or you want a quick refresher. To help explain things, here is an example of a game listing that you might see at an online sportsbook:

Ohio Bobcats Odds-5.5 (-110)-135Over 143.5 (-110)
Toledo Rockets Odds+5.5 (-110)+115Under 143.5 (-110)

In the first column after the names of the teams, you’ll see two sets of numbers: -5.5 (-110) for Ohio and +5.5 (-110) for Toledo. Those represent the point spread and the odds for a spread bet on either side. The negative number (-5.5) shows how much the Bobcats must win by for bets on them to win — six or more, in this case. If they fail to do so, then spread bets on Toledo would win instead.

The next number for each team is the odds for a moneyline bet on either side. The negative number indicates which team the oddsmakers view as the favorite. The positive number indicates the underdog. All you have to do is correctly bet on the winning team.

The final numbers represent a bet on the total score, aka an over/under bet. The first number shows the sportsbook’s estimate for the total combined score from both teams. You can bet on the actual total score being over or under that line at the end of the game, regardless of which team wins.

As far as the odds, for any negative number, a bet of that amount would win $100 in profit if correct. So, for example, if you bet on the Bobcats to win the game on the moneyline and you wagered $135, then your payout would be $235 if you’re right — your original bet plus $100 in winnings. For positive numbers, a bet of $100 would win that amount if it’s correct. If you bet on the Rockets on the moneyline and they won, a $100 wager would pay out $215.

You don’t have to wager those amounts exactly, though. Any amount you bet will pay out in the same ratio depending on the odds.

Best college basketball bets

College basketball betting offers a variety of standard wagers that you’re likely to find at any sportsbook you check out. Here are the most popular ways to bet on Mid-American Conference basketball:

  • Point spread: As we explained above, the sportsbook will set a spread number. The favorite, then, needs to win by more than that number for bets on that side to win. For example, if Akron is a 6.5-point favorite over Miami and wins by a score of 71-65, that means Akron failed to cover the spread. In that case, spread bets on Miami would win instead.
  • Moneyline: Same as in the example above, all you have to do is pick a winner. So, if Toledo was favored against Bowling Green, you could place a bet on either side to win. A correct bet on the favorite pays out less than a correct bet on the underdog, as indicated by the odds.
  • Over/under: For example, if Akron was playing Eastern Michigan, the sportsbook may set the total line at 147.5 points. If the final score was 78-70, that adds up to 148, so bets on the over would win and bets on the under would lose.
  • Parlays: Parlays allow you to combine multiple bets into one for the promise of increased winnings. The downside? All your picks have to be right or you don’t win anything. For example, if you picked the winners of three games — Toledo vs. Ohio, Miami vs. Akron and Central Michigan vs. Eastern Michigan — you would have to get all three picks right in order for the parlay to win.
  • Teasers: Similar to parlays. You make multiple picks, but you can move the lines in your favor. This makes the bet easier to win, though it also lowers your potential winnings.
  • Futures: Just as the name implies, futures wagers involve betting on more distant events. Maybe it’s October and you want to bet on which team is going to win the MAC championship. Or perhaps you want to make a bet on March Madness— from the odds for the First Four games or which team will win it all by the end of the tournament. In any case, the odds tend to be more favorable the farther in advance you place your bet. The closer it gets, the tighter the predictions and odds will become.
  • Props: These side bets can range from serious to entertaining, depending on the game and the sportsbook. Most of them you’ll come across pose questions like the following: “Will there be a fourth-quarter comeback victory?” or “Between these two players, who will score more points?”

Live betting on MAC basketball games

Live betting, also known as in-game betting, lets you wager on games while they take place. You can place moneyline, spread and over/under bets at odds that update based on what’s happening during the game, and you also may find prop bets based on what will happen next. The sports odds and betting lines will frequently shift during live betting to reflect what is happening on the court. To keep up, you’ll likely want to bet on a sportsbook app or website.

If you’re unsure about live betting, try taking some time to watch how the odds shift and things play out at an online sportsbook. You’ll be able to witness how everything works without worrying about losing money in the process.

Where can I watch MAC basketball games?

The unfortunate reality of college basketball is that the Mid-American Conference will not get the same air time as bigger conferences. That doesn’t mean you can’t catch some games, though.

The CBS Sports Network and ESPN have several MAC games scheduled pretty much every season. You’ll be able to catch games beginning in January on ESPN2, ESPNU and CBSSN.

Additionally, the MAC men’s and women’s tournament quarterfinals will air on ESPN+, and the men’s semifinals and the women’s championship game will be on CBS Sports Network, with the men’s championship game on ESPN2.

Various games throughout the season will also be available on ESPN3 and ESPN+. All of the games on ESPN or any affiliated channels will also be available through the ESPN app and streaming services.

Line shopping for MAC basketball odds

When you’re getting ready to bet on MAC basketball, remember that you don’t have to stick with just one sportsbook. Instead, you can create multiple accounts and look around for the best lines. Line shopping allows you to find the best odds for a wager you’re already planning to make. Why accept a lower potential profit when you can simply make your wager at a different sportsbook and increase it?

MAC basketball teams

There are 12 schools that compete in the Mid-American Conference. Below we list them along with the town and state they are located in, the name of their stadium and their head coach.

TeamCityArenaArena CapacityHead Coach
Toledo RocketsToledo, OhioSavage Arena7,300Todd Kowlaczyk (11th Season)
Buffalo BullsBuffalo, New YorkAlumni Arena6,793Jim Whitesell (2nd Season)
Akron ZipsAkron, OhioJames A. Rhodes Arena5,500John Broce (4th Season)
Kent State Golden FlashesKent, OhioMemorial Athletic and Convocation Center6.327Rob Senderoff (10th Season)
Ohio BobcatsAthens, OhioConvocation Center13,080Jeff Boals (3rd Season)
Bowling Green FalconsBowling Green, OhioStroh Center4,700Michael Huger (6th Season)
Miami RedHawksOxford, OhioMillett Hall9,200Jack Owens (4th Season)
Ball State CardinalsMuncie, IndianaWorthen Arena11.500James Whitford (8th Season)
Western Michigan BroncosKalamazoo, MichiganUniversity Arena5,421Clayton Bates (2nd Season)
Eastern Michigan EaglesYpsilanti, MichiganConvocation Cnter8.800Stan Heath (1st Season)
Central Michigan ChippewasMount Pleasant, MichiganMcGuirk Arena5,300Tony Barbee (1st Season)
Northern Illinois HuskiesDekalb, IllinoisConvocation Center10,000Rashon Burno (1st Season)