Western & Southern Open Odds

The Western & Southern Open — also known as the Cincinnati Masters — tennis tournament returned to Ohio this year after a yearlong hiatus. When it did, fans from states that regulate sports betting could wager on it legally.

Once Ohio becomes one of those states, people there will be able to legally bet on the tennis tourney, as well. In preparation, we’ve put together this short guide about betting on the Western & Southern Open, how to place bets in Ohio and more. Read on for more information.

Best Ohio tennis betting sites

If there is a particular sportsbook that interests you, just click on its logo below to navigate to its website. If you’re unsure, you can read Ohio sportsbook reviews on this site.

Best tennis betting apps in Ohio

When choosing a sportsbook here in Ohio, you’ll want to find one with the betting options you’re looking for. Here are three of our top Ohio betting apps and why they might work for you:

  • DraftKings Ohio app: Following its success in daily fantasy sports, DraftKings took its well-received DFS model and turned it into an equally well-received sportsbook. It offers a solid variety of tennis bets, such as props on individual players and moneyline bets on match winners, as well as a slew of other wagers.
  • FanDuel Ohio app: Much like its rival DraftKings, FanDuel had already made a name for itself with legions of customers thanks to its DFS product. With its online sportsbook, the company offers one of the best available options in that sphere, as well. FanDuel offers futures, moneylines and more.
  • BetMGM Ohio app: BetMGM’s online sportsbook offers a good user interface and a lot of promotions. For tennis, betting options range from Grand Slam tournaments to smaller showdowns. Bettors can wager on match winners, game-winners and more at BetMGM.

Western & Southern betting lines

Betting on tennis is a lot like wagering on other sports. After books release their sports gambling lines, those numbers may change, either due to new information or public betting. Since oddsmakers rely on data and information to make predictions, any news that could influence the tournament could cause them to reevaluate and potentially adjust the line.

Public betting is a completely different beast. Sportsbooks are in the business of making money — that’s what their focus is. So if they see the public wagering heavily on one side, they start to worry about the potential liability in terms of money and payouts. That’s when they might adjust the line to favor the side of the wager that isn’t getting as much action to try to balance the numbers on both sides of the bet. With that out of the way, here are some lines you’re likely to come across while betting on tennis in Ohio.

Tennis futures

Futures betting in tennis works the same as it does in other sports. Options will be available for the main tournaments throughout the year. The odds will shift throughout the season, or through the rounds in a tournament. Most online sportsbooks will have regular updates to their futures odds for events like the Cincinnati Masters.

Some examples of futures odds for the Western & Southern Open are as follows:

Rafael Nadal +115
Novak Djokovic+210
Dominic Thiem+300
Stefanos Tsitsipas+1750

Each of these numbers shows you how much profit you would make on a $100 bet if you win. For example, a bet on Djokovic at $100 would pay out $310 — your $100 bet coming back to you plus the $210 in winnings.

Outright match winner

This bet is exactly what it sounds like. You pick the winner of the match, and if you’re right, you win. This is the tennis version of a moneyline bet in other sports where you have two options and can bet on one side to be victorious. Payouts depend on the odds for the match.

Over/under for games and sets

Totals betting is popular in other sports, and tennis over/unders are similar. The sportsbook will give you a number of sets, or games if that’s the category you’re betting on before there is a match winner. You’re not betting on who wins the match. Instead, you’re betting on whether it will take more or fewer games (or sets) than the line that the sportsbook has set.

Live betting on the Cincinnati Masters

One of the best parts of having access to online sportsbooks is live betting. Sportsbook apps let you keep up with the constantly shifting odds during the live betting experience. If you’re unfamiliar with live betting, the majority of the bets you’ll encounter are going to be moneylines and prop bets. Here are some examples of Cincinnati Masters odds that you might come across:

  • Who will win the upcoming game?
  • Who will win the current set?
  • Will the set go to a tiebreak?
  • Game score after two or three points?
  • Total games in the match?
  • Will there be a break point during the next game?

This is just a small sample of what you’ll likely come across during live betting on the Western & Southern Open. Depending on the sportsbook you’re using, you may have access to a massive variety.

Betting rules for tennis

Every sportsbook has terms and conditions that you’ll need to accept before you can begin betting. Listed in those terms and conditions are the rules governing each different sport you can wager on and what constitutes no action on bets.

For tennis, there are multiple reasons that a sportsbook might void bets. Below are a few of the most common, but you should always make a point of reading the terms and conditions before you wager on any sport, including tennis.

  • Walkover wins: A walkover win is when a player advances because the player’s opponent pulled out of the tournament before the match. Since it wasn’t actually played, any bets on the match are void.
  • For spread betting, the match almost always has to reach the end. If one player retires partway through the match, most sportsbooks will void the wagers and refund the money.
  • Over/under betting also typically requires the match to reach a conclusion for the bets to be valid. There are some situations where that isn’t the case, however, such as an over/under bet on just the first set.

Regarding weather, tennis tends to have different rules when it comes to weather delays, and each sportsbook has its own rules governing what type of delay would void a bet. Some have a 48-hour window, while others have as much as a full week. Make sure to read up on the rules before making your wagers.

Western & Southern Open betting tips

Betting on the Western & Southern Open is just like wagering on any other large tennis tournament. Once you get the hang of it, you can create a betting strategy and see how it works for you. To get started with that strategy, here are three tips for wagering on the Cincinnati Masters:

  1. Research: Nothing is more important than knowing as much as possible about what you’re betting on. Making wagers with real money should never be about guessing. You need to know the who, what, when and where of everything. Some of the things you should look for when researching tennis: Head-to-head records, player ranking and form, serving and returning stats, and player records on indoor vs. outdoor courts.
  2. Don’t spend it all at once: If you have a betting bankroll specifically for tennis, don’t just drop every bit of it on the first round of the tournament. Instead, spread it out a little, making sure you keep enough in reserve to last you through the finals. It’s no fun watching the tournament continue on when you can’t keep participating because of a diminished bankroll.
  3. Know your limits: Speaking of bankrolls, we have to stress the importance of being mindful with your money. Set a limit and stick to it. Don’t spend money you can’t afford to lose, either. If you’ve used your bankroll, that’s just how it has to be. Even if you think you’re aware of a “sure thing,” you have to resist the temptation to pull more money into the situation that you hadn’t already designated specifically to your bankroll.

Can you bet on doubles at the Western & Southern Open?

While the doubles tournament doesn’t get the same media attention as the individual matchups, you’ll find that many online sportsbook apps in Ohio do indeed offer lines for doubles in the Western & Southern Open.

If you’re unhappy with the offerings at the online sportsbook you’re using, don’t hesitate to make an account with another one that offers a better selection of doubles wagers. Making an account is fast and free, and it also allows you to shop for the best lines so you can get the most potential return on your bet.