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Managing Editor, PlayOhio

Danny Cross is the managing editor of PlayOhio, where he covers the Ohio sports betting and casino industries, including the latest news on Ohio sportsbooks and responsible gambling in the state.

Cross joined PlayOhio from Pro Football Focus, where he wrote and edited articles on the NFL, fantasy football and betting. 

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Ohio’s $1 billion sports betting launch in January exceeded expectations. One billion dollars is a huge amount of money, but that’s only a bit more than we were expecting at PlayOhio, as Ohio sports fans have been waiting years for this and the build-up to a strong market was a long one. Ohio has provided the framework for a market that will be a strong one for years to come, and regulators have done a great job to ensure a great first month of sports betting.

Ohio’s recently passed tax rate increase on sports betting revenue should not drastically affect the market. Ohio’s initial 10% tax rate was on the low end for U.S. states, and the new 20% rate would be more in line with industry norms. Ohio is still a new and growing market, and sportsbooks are still angling for market share, so this change is unlikely to affect customers or advertising budgets. 

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